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Golden Gun 4XP Event


(Wayward Archer) #1

The weekly news letter said Golden Gun 4XP was supposed to replace Gnasher only KOTH today… Any idea when it will kick off?

(Grim Skyforger) #2

It is available now.

(Wayward Archer) #3

Sweet! It isn’t saying it is 4xp but I am hoping it is because I need it bad! 2 and a half more re-ups for the gilded RAAM and running out of time!

(Grim Skyforger) #4

Confirmed, it should be 4xp:

(Wayward Archer) #5

Where does the 4xp show up on the list at the end? After a round of Golden Gun, in the totals I had my score, ribbons, and a match bonus of 3,000 even. Definitely not 4x what I scored!

(Redfox888) #6

I did not get 4xp either. The May 9th What’s Up said,


Why have one Golden Gun when you can have 10? (Yeah, we sure told that 20 year old game!).

4XP Golden Gun will replace Gnashers Only KOTH beginning Tuesday 14th May."

What’s up with that TC? I even waited a day to see if it was just a time zone glitch but it is now the 16th and it is still not giving 4xp.

(AVTruePredator) #7

Is GG the only game type giving 4xp?

(YingYng) #8

is this working now?

(Redfox888) #9

Yes but you dont get 4xp. You get 4000 exp bonus.

(Wayward Archer) #10

Although slightly deceptive… I suppose that makes sense. Although 4 x XP would be better!