Golden Gear Gnasher

Has anybody else had this issue? A have got the full Golden Gear skins apart from the gnasher.I have bought ,with in game credits,more than 10 times the Golden Gear packs trying to get the gnasher than for the whole of the other complete Golden Gear skins…any ideas?

Have you checked if its in the pack by pressing right or left analog on it. If its there then your LUCK mate😊

I have got all of the weapon skins, It’s just RNG

When they first came out it took me 30 or so packs to get all the Golden Gear skins,apart from the gnasher…then I just kept trying to the point were they stopped the packs and I had spent about 250,000 in game credits…now the packs are out again I still can’t get it,i just must be really unlucky on this particular skin?!!

Damn. IIRC I dipped in for no more than three packs and got the gnasher.

I had the same luck but it was for the Snub Pistol. I got every skin when these packs first showed up except for the Lancer and the Snub…so I save every credit I can for 4 days while the 4XP is blasting me through level 90…a re-up…and the first 37 levels of re-up 8…and all I got was the Lancer…of the 2 I needed.

I seriously hope TC does what they did last year after Christmas and re-launches every pack they released for discounted credit amounts so people can complete the sets.

Bro finally got it…

Congrats. BTW for anyone else stuck looking for one, the Steampunk guns usualy make a good looking place holder until you get the golden gear one. Good luck.