Golden gear challenge comp, no reward

(Skeeerrt) #1

So I completed the challenge last night I closed the game waited about an hour, came back and I still did not get the character. So it is now almost 24 hours since I’ve completed it and I’ve still have yet to get him. I’m not sure how long it takes does it really take this long or is there something I’m missing lol

(Bleeding Pepper) #2

Have you logged in here using your GT details and clicked on the claim button?

(Skeeerrt) #3

Thanks man I can be slow at times haha


My golden gear challenge has been stuck on 363163 for days and Emerald Gear has been stuck on 3932 forever. I refreshed, etc. I’ve played all different versus games including the special events.

(Bleeding Pepper) #5

For the Emerald Gear Challenge , I’d suggest you search the forums using the search function.

As for the Classic Golden Gear challenge, message TC or tweet them.

(BindiRoy1974) #6

I got mine last night at 10 pm, claimed it on site, went to customize tab cog orange ! Lower right corner found new golden gear. When you claim it on site it won’t always be highlighted customized tab on main menu.

(EVIL 0NE) #7

Please check out this post about the Emerald Gear progress:

For the Golden Gear could you PM me with some details, and a screenshot of your progress from My Rewards

Thank you.


The number have not changed for either of them after playing for 1-2 hrs yesterday. I haven’t really been tracking it until I saw on my acitivity feed that someone got their golden gear. that’s when I noticed it. Link went to eSports information? Cannot post image get undefined ….


Ok sorry I was unaware that it had to be ranked. When I see Public VS I think of Pubic VS Private matches counting. So now after checking TA, I see that the best way is Ranked Koth and Escalation. Now the counter is working. Also must count the Gnasher event? I hope 5 is so easier to understand.

(Bleeding Pepper) #10

Eh… That’s odd. I got the Classic Golden Gear through the social play list, so that works too. It’s not just ranked.

The only Versus mode that doesn’t work is the Versus AI one (although killing Bots that are back filling social games is fine).

(xFribbo) #11

I’m glad they didn’t allow it for Versus AI, wouldn’t be as rewarding to unlock if you just boost for the score.

(CarlosYabrudy) #12

Why are my points not going up with this challenge aside from playing gnasher only KoTH?

(xFribbo) #13

Because you don’t earn that much score from gamemodes like TDM, Dodgeball, etc than you do in King and Esc. Best way of levelling up is playing either King of the Hill or Escalation.

(CarlosYabrudy) #14

I earned 14k on a public versus coop vs AI match and it didn’t add it onto my total.

(xFribbo) #15

There’s your problem then bud, Versus AI isn’t apart of the challenge, you can only earn score for the challenge playing either social or ranked.

(CarlosYabrudy) #16

But vs AI is a public Match. It allows members of the public to play in versus.

(Bleeding Pepper) #17

But it’s still not part of the challenge. TC have made it an exception.


Might I add “thankfully” :joy:

(xFribbo) #19

People boost their score and kills on Co-op versus AI. It’s too easy to win, they kept it PvP.


Its score not number of kills. It works real fast in KOTH regardless your skill level.