Gold Custom Lancer

Considering this in game weapon is a collectors item, i would love to see it carry over into gears 5. Will this weapon be made available in gears 5 or will there be another way to purchase it?

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No one knows yet.

We do know that Gilded Skins and eSports Kait will be transferred. Black Steel won’t. If everything else is not mentioned, then it seems likely that the Golden Lancer Replica Skin won’t transfer?

I understand eSports not being transferred, but considering you have to purchase a limit edition gold custom lancer to get the code, it should at least be made available.

And it was available in-game for nearly 3 years of Gears 4 life cycle.

Right, but its still a collectors item? I see where you’re coming from but I still believe it should be made available.

I know Gears 2 had Golden Lancer and Golden Hammerburst. Then they were transferred to Gears 3 as legacy unlocks. So it’s not impossible.

But on side note, I thought Gears 4 Golden Custom Lancer Replica looked like white chocolate in-game. There’s probably gonna be many different kinds of Gold in 5, like there was for 4. The closest one to white chocolate would look similar to the Replica.

Yeah, thats why i love the Gold Custom Lancer it is identical to the Gold Lancer we got in gears 2. That nostalga.

I would love to see it come back as is. That solid gold is <3

Solid Gold doesn’t look great to me. But whatever floats your boat. I prefer mixture of Black and Gold, and it seemed to shine more like the Wings 5.

There is a new replica skin for 5.

Any card without that little “5” Logo on it is currently not being transferred.

Then I hope the gold custom lancer is considered at some point. It’s awesome and wouldn’t take any effort to port over into gears 5