Gold and black armored kait?(comning in aug)

There a 2nd kait diaz skin comning in aug,so has there been any hints on what we need to do then to earn it?

Not yet, Those challenges go live in August thats when we’ll know

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The descruptions are up on the XBL achievement tracker tab.

From memory, I think for the Gilded Kait skin you must “complete 3 matches of Horde” or something. So presumably 3 full sets of 25 or 50 waves of Horde?

Scrap that, I had a look just now and the Gilded Kait one is actually to complete the Campaign on co-op.

The complete 3 Horde matches one is to get the 7 days of Boost for GOW5.

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Some people live under a rock…

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If they’re retroactive I’ll have everything but the boost and lancer execution. Considering how easy/hard Raam was, these challenges are nothing. I’d say the hardest one would be JD/Marcus, but they’re only hard if you’re new to the game.