Gold 3 stuck at 78%

won the past 4 games with positive kd by a good margin not moving in rank

Did you beat lower ranked players ?

If they were narrow wins against opponents that the ranking system expects you to smash, then you may not have gained anything. TC have said that one major factor is in rounds won/lost. So if you had for example, won 7-0 then that’s great. But if you had won 7-6 against lower ranked opponents then you may even lose rank progress cos it was a close win.

To progress you need to be beating and performing well againat players/teams of equal and higher rank to get the most progress. Obviously the higher rank the better and with the most rounds won.

Ahh didnt see their ranks but both rounds won and went like 13 and 5 each match thank you

When you start getting a good number of MVPs, you’ll get that Onyx. Then, to move up in the Onyx ranks you need to be racking up some kills.

Yeah, I’m hovering around middle of Gold 3 on a couple of modes too; most of the time I don’t think I should be in onyx, because I run into some amazing onyx players and I think to myself “I’ll never be that good”… But then I run into Onyx1 players who are just crap, and then I think “hey, if THEY can be onyx1, I am better than they are, I could be one too”…

The rank progression is very dependent on your team make up (which you can kinda control) and the opposition team make up (which you have no control over)… And the movement is very asymmetrical (very easy and quick to drop, very hard to move up even a small amount), so there is definitely luck involved too, if you aren’t one of those amazing “a natural born D5” players :slight_smile:

Rank isn’t a progression system, so you need to up your skill level to get higher, rather than just play and win.

If you are a certain rank, you will eventually get it.

I’ve seen Onyx 1 players in earlier seasons now hitting the top tier of Diamond.

Some players naturally catch on and are so good with movement and accuracy while others so might be Wings 1-10 with so much experience but still struggle to get into Onyx.

Nothing odd or strange here it’s all understanding how to play the game.