Going beyond Onyx 1 ranking

Been tryin’ my ■■■ off to get there, winning match after match, getting a ton of points but for some reason I only go up in percentage after I get mvp in a match otherwise I remain the same or go below.

I know the devs said to report if you go through five wins and still go down in rank but i’m not too sure on that. Either I need to get mvp every match or the times I play like ■■■■ are starting to register for good and i’m being put back into gold permanently unless I suddenly become a Gears God every match.

I’m curious as to what experience others have been having, how they’ve gone about ranking up or why they’ve gone down in rank. The more I know, the better i’ll feel and i’d appreciate that.

There. You know what you must do. What you must become. :muscle:


I’m doing pretty good so far i’d say, just took a change of perception. It’s just a game, stop caring about what others think I thought to myself and bam, three mvps in a row.


Good. Feed off of their rage, it makes everyone seem insignificant. You’ll be far beyond that rank in no time.

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What game type are you playing? We should team up. I’m looking for people to play with.


I reached diamond 1 in TDM within 2 days… I am diamond 3 now in TDM and D4 in KOTH. I wonder whats your win percentage? You can look it up on the stats page or in game under the war journal.

My win percentage is 72%(it was 74 daamn) and I am quite often MVP
Try searching with a full squad and look for people which use a mic. Callouts and lancer crossing is the key.

It’s 52% and I haven’t gotten mvp in weeks loool… also I have no mic.

If its 52% you should not wonder to be under onyx 1. I dont wanna be bad or something but you should get a mic and maybe some teammates if you want a higher win percentage and maybe you get to onyx 1 or higher.

Yeah I’ve given up.
I play solo and have hovered at 65-77 percent as a gold 3.
I was an onyx for the past 2 seasons. But for whatever reason I’m going up against a lot of stacked diamond teams. A lot more then before.
I’m a pretty decent player myself, but with randoms you do get a lot of people who just don’t know that their doing.

Don’t have a mic either. I get enough hate messages from random players lol

randoms use mics?

i thought that was back in 2006

Most are Spanish speakers unfortunately, I can use my mic for the pc buuuut I really do need one for Gears.

No. Randoms dont use a mic but he can find some people to play with and they probably use a mic. I have found many players by playing solo ranked…if they were good I invited them and send them a friend request. Most of them have a mic.

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