Going Backwards in Order to Go Forwards (Mad World Collection)

I used to never get on board with the floating ideas and speculation of a “Marcus Fenix Collection,” or Gears of War 2: Ultimate Edition, because I wanted the series to be free to move forward and not dwell on the past.

But recently I re-played the entire franchise 1-5 (Including J) in nearly 3 sittings, and realized that not only did I enjoy the older games more, but I bet TC could learn a few things too.

And this is basically a Buster rant saying that A “Marcus Fenix Collection” wouldn’t just sell itself by the droves, but might help TC connect better with the franchise, since the studio is a split between; Old EPIC employees and Black Tusk employees.

So not only would it give fans a win, it’d give Gears 6 a 5-6 Year breathing space to be polished after Gears 5’s terrible run (so far) and could inspire TC to make certain changes and most obviously–be an easy best-seller and Xbox Series X console combo for TC/Xbox Game Studios.

These are mocs I made because I felt like it. I opted for “Mad World Collection,” because it’s mostly likely the first thing you heard when being exposed to Gears of War for the first time, for most of us anyways, and I felt “Marcus Fenix Collection,” to be rather boring and a copy of MCC, even though it’s a Squad-Based set of games and Marcus is the most important of Delta, but he’s not all of Delta. When I think Gears I don’t think “Our Hero Marcus Fenix,” I think more along the lines of, “These brave Gears, men and women against the scary lizard people.”

Enjoy this concept art that’ll never see an official publication.

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Did you read the books in between

F that, that would’ve required me to put down my sweaty remote and–read. Who does that?


Beautiful people

I dunno, nobody ever reads in Lego Games.


I would love a remaster/remake collection.
A few caveats though:

Don’t mess with the fundamentals of any of the games. You (tc) can add in new characters if they really want to I suppose. But do not change anything else, well maybe get rid of the shoty :wink:

Give it as much love as TMCC has…have you seen the playlists that game has, not only multiplayer either. And extras galore. I can spend hours just going through All the menus and sub menus!

All maps and All modes across the games to be included, likewise all dlc.

I know you are not being serious but it is such a shame we are unlikely to ever get a remastered collection, but maybe just maybe during the new consoles lifespan.

I would get a new studio to do it.

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Well I was being serious, just not seriously hopeful as I’d like to see it happen and would gladly pay $60–but I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon, if not after Gears 6 stops seeing support.

But if TC says they want to do a lot more side projects like Tactics–then this revamped trilogy (J included) would help modernize the games for those who might’ve missed them.

Read the books breh


I love how quickly people forget things. The MCC had a horrendous start, and took like a year to get working. It’s a LOT of work to make something like this, plus I think Microsoft putting everything on gamepass is their way to let players re visit the older franchise.

I want to move forward, love the old trilogy, but I’m looking forward to what’s next. I’m down with a side project that goes back to the locust war (tactics), but I like the new stuff a lot too, lots of potential. Something like this takes up a lot of resources and id prefer them to be put into a new story driven project, doesn’t matter to me if its a shooter or RTS (or whatever you call tactics) but it’s time to move on

Yo nobody forgot anything we’ve been talking MCC for a week


well apparently someone did since we are here on this post talking about it lol.

Gears has plenty of server issues and bugs without trying to mash up 4 older games all on different unreal builds to work coherently together.

But the gears story is so, Meh these days

Half human queen- lame
Most of the younger characters- lame
Lambent- lame
Damn robots - lame
Stranded- lame
Kaits WHOLE story arc- lame
Hivebusting- lame

Story of gears lost me ages ago

But then I think most things are pure garbage these days, as I get older things just seem sh*t everywhere :yum:


Ain’t that the truth, you know I just turned 14 and I no longer find an overwhelming source of joy when I see Legos anymore.


Ahhhhh memories, when I was 14 I lived in my folks attic, slept in a hammock than ran wall to wall, during the day it would unhook from 1side so I had floor space to play with my legos, ALOT of them, they became the floor, jagged blocks of mess half the pieces connected to some but mostly loose, so many sharp edges

1night the hammock strings broke and I fell 3ft whilst asleep onto a mountain of legos

Some of the imprints are still there over 20 years later :rofl:

There were no words for the pain

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You even liked these

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Go get em tiger!

Hush you. Paint or play. No forum posts.


I didn’t mean you forgot i mean the OP forgot, he stated that gears 5 had a bad start, i was saying that a gears collection would also have a bad start like MCC

Not guaranteed, but a possibility yes.

But, with an already built framework to work from, rather than a whole-new game like 5 would cut down on a lot of the time usually spent on planning out set pieces and writing and design–since that’s pretty much all done.

No he didn’t forget. Some of my MCC comments were in conversation with him. Buster is an optimist.