God, what did The Coalition do to Horde?

I play a lot. And every time I play, I feel like I want to strangle the Horde product managers. After devoting probably a million hours to Gears 4 Horde, I launched Gears 5 Horde–all excited–and the first thing I see are…AI bots? And they are running around, getting in my way, stealing my kills, collecting my power. Okay, I’ll give it a try…but there’s one bot in particular: a vulgar, screaming female driving me G,D. effing crazy. My heart sank. “Wow, this is jeuvenile. What did TC do to Horde?”

I’d been hoping for improvements to the card and class system (which didn’t need much) but oh no. “You’re not going to play your way,” decided The Coalition. “You’re going to play ours. And it won’t be much fun unless you play with four others.” Yes, the game is well coded, and some of the changes are brilliant. But the list of gameplay problems is too numerous to itemize. Why the hell is scrap so hard to get? Why is Horde so effing restrictive and anal? Why the F can’t Marcus by a Lancer GL? A sniper gun? A weapon’s locker? Some classes can’t buy a damn thing! Why the hell am I running around the map like PVP to babysit taps? We didn’t want this. You can have classes, but they don’t have to exist at the expense of enjoying the game. Here’s hoping they take Gears 6 back to the game’s roots.


Gears 2 horde was the most fun I had on Horde mode. You played who you wanted, hid wherever you thought made a good defence and picked up ammo whenever.

Now theres too many rules and guidelines in order to make it larger and appear to have more depth, but at the cost of being fun


I personally think the addition of AI bots is pretty cool for those of us who may not have a full team. However, you can turn them off in settings. Additionally, in Gears 5 Horde it doesn’t matter who picks up the energy, it gets distributed evenly regardless (unless playing with all bot in which you get all the energy they pick up).

To follow up on your second paragraph, I too am very frustrated that they have limited purchasing things such as weapon lockers to certain classes. It seems counter intuitive to allow bots for help with solo players, but not allow us to buy the things we need to survive in game.


Well, why are you playing with bots? There’s custom lobbies and you can play on any difficulty with other people. There’s even Horde Frenzy which is even better for beginners.

Your main complaint about Horde and how it was “Ruined” stood on the cruz of an AI that screamed a lot?

I meant I have a lot of complaints about Horde and Gears 5 in general but um…
We’re getting to the bottom of the barrel, aren’t we?


You can turn the AI:s off and you dont have to activate taps or you can just put your camp near them. Most weapons is retrieveable from enemies, except for lancers and Boltok. Sure horde has issues but those aint the big ones if you ask me.

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You are definetly right OP.Politely saying TC doing the horde there way,not our way ,by pleading with them and being polite,Beginner mode is not ,it’s normal mode to me.jack got a nerf dropping 200-150 for smelting weapons,But u can now get light from the power tap,Jack try’s to help to get the light,but everyone wants the power tap light /DBNO poor jack gets knocked back/Cancels him/her out, aswell

I happen to think Horde is a blast overall, best one yet. I would suggest that if the OP likes horde in 4 so much that he go play that as it still exists. Gears 5 is a different game just as 6 will be a different game.

If they just copy and pasted horde from gears 4 into this game then people would be whining about that also.

The addition of bots has been the single greatest thing ever done to horde yet. They don’t drop out, they don’t camp ammo boxes, they don’t move your fortifications around, they pick up power for you, they will get you up when your knocked down…they’ve actually made playing solo enjoyable now.

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So while waiting for today’s update to download I jumped into a solo GoW4 horde, as a Heavy…

My immediate first impression, when I looked at my cards, was that I can only imagine how obnoxious JDs would be if they had 15 explosive rounds in their Lancer GLs, hahahaha…

I honestly think G5 Horde needs 3 things to make it totally eclipse GoW4’s version:

  1. frag tags need to blow up all non-boss enemies (drones, DB, Scions, etc),
  2. dropshot headshots should be insta kills on all non-bosses (so they can be used against guardians, like in GoW4), and
  3. get rid of the stupid RNG card drops. In GoW4 they made sense, since TC was trying to get us to buy loot boxes. Here we can’t buy loot boxes, or scrap, so this system makes no sense, beyond 'how do we annoy the players to the max." there is no benefit in this for them, and none for us, so like WTF… Why is it even here…

Those are the 3 main, general ones…

Careful now, people will come claiming how using all of the 4 shots in a Dropshot to possibly not even kill a big enemy is more “skillful” and not just a needless waste of ammo that could have been utilized to dispatch of others instead. I still miss the Dropshot how it used to be, instead of this mockery of a weapon that has been nerfed into the ground far too much.

Join a group or make a post to get people to play with you. This horde is better IMO than 4’s.

I’ve met some cool people as I am almost always solo queuing but even times I don’t wanna mic up or leave my party chat… people are pretty cool at responding to the text chat if I ask for a weapon or some sort of help…

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You know, I find it extremely funny how TC hides being “we feel it’s more skilful” when it suits them (like 6 gnasher shots in versus), but when it DOESN’T suite them (like with overactive aim assist), they just ignore it…

I mean, reducing aim assist would, by definition, make it a “more skilful game”, right?? Going back to the levels of aim assist we had in GoW4 would… But no… They don’t want it THAT skilful… Hahaha We want it just the right level of “skilul”, as defined by US, and not more or less skilful or skilful in any other way…

Yeah, never mind, off topic…

They’re in their own bubble. I agree it does not make sense. They need someone there outside their team to tell them that bad ideas are bad.

Gears 2 horde was great, though I always remeber it turning into a Boltok and Boomshield, and running laps. Also the cyclops was such a batard.

For me 3 was the best, as you could still play how you wanted. Add in mutator for some changes to play :ok_hand:

The bots can be turned off…