God mode? I've heard of aim bots but God Mode?

Earlier today I was playing the 2v2 gnasher event when i recieved a message from an unknown gamer that said “sorry I had God mode on”. Mind you I am the only one in the house with a gold subscription, so anyone who’s going to play online HAS to sign into my account. A lot of times people get my son and I confused because we share my account. Long story short I told the person “you must of been playing with my son (also a gears head/hes a gears god lol) because idk what youre talking about”. The person was in awe that I didnt know what god mode was! You play gears and you dont know what god mode is?! (Mind you the kid got a 15k gamer score and all he plays is baby games :thinking:) I’ve heard of aim bots on PC but god mode?! Is there really a VS cheat? There’s no satisfaction in that! But still I would like to know if its true or not. Thanks in advance :+1:

Are you sure they were referring God Mode in Gears?
It’s possible it could have been referenced to another game.
But I’ve never heard of God Mode in Gears though.
It could have been a joke, although I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

They thought I was joking with them! :unamused: idk the kid could of been referring to the crazy amount of lag there’s been in the vs modes lately. #canthelpit #gearsgirl #tillidie

That’s possible.
Btw, when someone mentions “God Mode”, it’d usually mean being almost invincible so sponging and bad connection in Versus could have been it.


On a different note:

I thought I was crazy when I was hitting dudes point blank with the gnasher and still not getting the kill. Glad I decided to check this forum out today. Think I’ll do that more often :+1:

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It’s amazing that this game is so bad on a daily basis but it becomes 100x worse during these XP events. Don’t ask me how that’s even possible but it sure is as we have all seen this weekend.


I must be playing a different game…
I understand there’s Mexicans on US Servers.
But what countries are just as bad as Mexico on EU?
None… that I know of.

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I think ima hold off for a little bit when 5 comes out. Dont get me wrong ima die hard but the coalition needs to get it together! Or maybe they bit off a little more than they can chew :thinking: I can do without gears pop! :joy: but seriously, I can live without it

Lol, I know where you’re coming from. But I honestly don’t think it matters what server Mexico players are on. Their connections are so damn unstable that it ruins every match no matter the server. As for how they even end up on European servers I have no idea. Surely they aren’t using LFG with Europeans just to get there?

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Yeah, I think the message was a subtle reference to his inability at being killed, thus seeing like a god…

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Yeah this. No one genuinely admits they were hacking lol. This whole thing seems very naive.

Regardless, I have not seen godmode for any hacker in this game. I have seen people down in 1 bullet and such, but not give themselves “unlimited health”. I could be just lucky to not run into that though.