Go Custom Matches Count?

I’ve been trying for about an hour to get Vaasgar for one of the tour objectives. Do the custom matches count for the objectives?

I don’t think so. Your best bet would be Co-op vs AI.


I’ve been trying and the only time it came up I got outvoted, lol…

I’ve had bad luck the last week or so for the map based objectives.

Sadly, custom matches don’t seem to count for anything, ToD objectives, medals or totems.

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Nobody likes objectives like this. All you can do is keep playing and hope it doesn’t take too long to get the map.

It would be too easy to boost in private.

I’ve been using my free reroll on these unless its one that shows up more often. I just don’t have the patience for them.

Pretty sure practically nobody complained about this in Gears 3.

There were fairly regular complaints/arguments on this exact issue, people felt like the medals people had equipped and people who had Seriously 3.0 “weren’t legit” as they could boost against bots or inactive players.

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I guess that’s what happens when I’m nee in the forums. Still. That seems like a dumb thing to complain about considering how ridiculous it is to get Seriously 3.0.

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Sadly that mentality has always been in, from people saying they were legit in Gears 1 because they only play “off host” or “don’t active” or only use a very limited weapon set.

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And the hunt for Vaasgar continues, lol…

I’ve been in a co-op vs AI server by myself for about an hour now and no option for the map.

I’m beginning to wonder if this map is only in rotation on ranked matches…

It’s in rotation, it came up twice for me when I spent an hour looking for a Co Op vs AI match on Foundation earlier today.

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Ironically enough about 30 minutes after my post, Vaasgar finally appeared, I had a good laugh after that match as one of the 3 maps to select…Vaasgar…:grin:

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