Go back to gears 4 horde mode

Been a die hard fan since day 1. But I was so looking forward to playing this for years but once I beat the campaign. I was done this game has been such a disappointment from charging 5$ for the curb stomp ! To totally ruining horde mode. Can’t pick who you want ? Have to have 1 class ? Perks ? What is this war frame ? The perks system allows players to be selfish and take from the fabricator. My team and I played the hell outta gears 4 horde mode. We have walked away from the mess til you guys change it back to what it was. Why fix something if it ain’t broke ?


Go back to horde in Gears 2 you mean. Gears 4 horde was ish.

It is a step up from Gears 5’s.

Gears pop horde is a step up from 5

Yes it is.

I was wings 4 and maxed out on horde 3.0 so have experience with both.

I agree the perks system makes it easy to take power away from the engineer/fortifications. And they seem pointless. But gears 4 horde had issues with power too. Remember the soldier who always had to grab the power? And build a sentry?

I kind of like the new power system. Anyone can grab it. It was so hard to explain to newcomers that unless you were a scout, grabbing the power was a detriment to the team. Now that’s not an issue at all. That’s actually kind of a big deal in a lot of ways and a huge improvement over the old way IMO. That’s coming from someone who enjoyed playing scout more than average. But most people didn’t.

The double stacks add a new dynamic to it as well which is kind of cool.

The perk system could use a rework but not sure what exactly. The thing I’ve noticed is less and less people are using perks because they’ve realized how pointless they are. Some perks may be more useful than others but it seems that the ROI falls off dramatically very quickly when leveling them up. Anyway it’s becoming less of an issue especially on higher difficulties from what I’ve seen.

In GOW4 horde wasn’t everyone grabbing the power at first? Until they realized it’s best to let the scout do it. To me this perk system is kind of the same
thing. In both cases players can be ignorant and waste power or they can be smart and not. Also the useless skills like fortification cost that were available to everyone? What was that about? It certainly had its own useless/nonsensical aspects.

At the end of the day people are people with their own brains and it’s their responsibility to decide the best/most efficient way to play. There are a lot of variables to consider when deciding whether a player is truly being selfish by using perks (beginner difficulty with a level 4 forge and a really good jack is not the same situation as an inconceivable match where there is no jack and the engineer is low level) IMO the people who use perks in those matches are going to get a rude awakening quickly that it’s not the best choice. And the folks who use them in beginner when power is plentiful should be able to do so so long as the team is able to complete the match with reasonable efforts.

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Perks are a bit of a gimmick and could be better (especially higher difficulties).

In some ways though, it helps prevent the mind numbing sentry fests from most gears 4 hordes.

Towards the end I realised how little sentries were needed and our team on inconceivable would still have 100k plus in the fabricator (would usually be spent for the fun of it on wave 50).

I’m still unsure of horde in gears 5 though. Unless you have a private team, most public matches above advanced are a complete gamble and are usually over by wave 6.

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