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Gnashes Update 😢

The gnashes finally felt right up until this last update. With the change in range for a 1-shot 85% is more prevalent than ever and actually benefits the person sitting back who can absorb a shot and return 1-shot chunk.

Please consider reverting back as this change does not have the intended impact described in the roll out.

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It would work if they took away the terrible 2 shot from far away… The last time I checked a shotgun is a “close” range weapon. And they weakend the shotgun but took very little off the GIB range which makes no sense. There is no half way T.C! And with these changes triggers the worst sponge fest! Nothing registers!

Gnasher actually works for me now. For the first time since the start of Operation 2. So I am very happy with the update.

Reading this man , actually makes me happy it means that THE WIZARD OF OZ , has heard our petitions and now everything its possible

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I like the new gnasher update. It feels more competitive instead of just getting your face blown off instantly


Please keep the feedback in the main thread. Thank you.