Gnashes not shooting

Can TC please look into fixing the gnasher so it registers when you pull the trigger. So many times I shoot and the animation shows I’m shooting but the shot does nothing. It’s repeated times every match. That or the shot just doesn’t come out. Hopefully that makes sense, I don’t remember this being an issue in any other gears to this extent yet I here nothing about it in the dev streams.
Oh and this normally happens when I die, example I’m in a close range gnasher fight, my opponent and I both shoot, on my screen I shoot, the shot lands on my screen, I get gibbed but I deal no damage.


Have this too sometimes, not sure if its just a timing thing. I’ve also had my shotgun shoot Snub bullets (yes, legitimate Snub bullets) after picking up a meatshield, swapping to gnasher (to drop shield) and being downed in the animation. Very buggy game and with the changes to gnasher distance, starting to wonder why I’m still here ._.

This is easily one of the most annoying things for me. I’ve lost a ton of gnasher battles soley from this.

They cant seem to get thos game right they should just return everyone’s money n go f them selves. Always making updates these mfs are stupid as hell and I’m a big fan but gears 5 is a disappointment.

Hit detection has been a crap chute since launch. What really annoys me is when I pull the trigger and just stand there like an idiot to get blown away because the gun never fires.

This is exactly what I’m talking about

Sorry I clearly misread lol in that case, I whole heartedly agree!

Things i have encountered today:
getting downed iwth 3 lancer shots. dying by 1 extra shot during going down animation.
picking up grenades, 10 seconds later i see someone else picking up the same nades…
got downed myself. 3 enemy team members all hit me with 1-2 shots from short distance and i dont die.
A lot of times enemy in cover shoot me and i cant even see the animation of them shoothing, ultra fast slap shot??
invisible enemies again. only see them in killcam.
oh yeah and 100000 times i press rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt and no focking bullet come out…
where the ■■■■ are my bullets