Gnashers unloaded?

Hello All,

I am coming back to gears after not playing much since gears 3.

I am not great but having fun online. I don’t have major complaints about the game save one:

When starting a game my gnasher is often not loaded. This has come up perhaps five times. Most recently I played canals and ran up behind the enemy.

When I tried to gnasher at close range a loading animation started when I pulled the trigger! This has happened a half dozen times to the extent that I questioned if I need to load the gnasher before firing it the first time.

I am not blaming that for my failures! Those are my own making and the fact that I am a casual player.

However I wondered if this is happening to others. I do NOT believe I am hitting RB instead of trigger. So it’s quite frustrating as it seems to happen at the worst times!

Thanks for any info!

Does this always happen? If so have you double-checked your controls? Go to “options” and then scroll down to “control remapping” and see if your controls are fixed to the relevant button. Sometimes people have accidentally changed the button for a certain function without even realising it, so it’s possible you may have remapped shoot to a different button.

If it’s just an occasional issue, then I don’t really know what to suggest really.

Cool. I will check that before playing later.

Yes, it’s only occasional but stands out due to the level of frustration it causes.

I am going or be very vigilant the next time it happens so I can on the spot assess if I accidentally tapped RB?

Thanks for the tip. I will rule that out later.

U do this all the time it’s user error and happens easir the with the newer controllers

So I watched it methodically last night.

There is something glitchy going on.

My gnasher has no shots loaded at start at times. At other times only a few.

I am guessing without an active reload, we only get partially loaded?

No. They changed it so reloading the Gnasher in any way refills it completely.