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Gnashers only FFA is dumb

When I read Gnasher Only FFA I immediately thought it was the dumbest thing I’ve seen
Mostly because people almost ALWAYS use the gnasher in that mode (aside from the power weapons)
And this ‘bang’ it was a boltok shot to the head knowing it’s tomorrow
Let’s see if they can disappoint the people who didn’t expect anything at all
Or they can turn it around with including the Marcus Twerking emote


What if we expect disappointment and still end up disappointed?


Maximum dissapointment

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AKA fortune teller.

Gnashers only FFA is the best way to play FFA. They should have had it that way since the mode launched.


100% this.

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People only use Gnashers except when they don’t. :clown_face:


does man care

I didn’t even realize people still played FFA…

What a waste. How bout actually making something interesting by adjusting certain parameters with the objective game types we have.

Cough* dodgeball CTF :smiley:


I’m personally waiting for Smoke Grenade only FFA


“Tag, you’re it”


Or … bring back Guardian!


Now this is pod racing!

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I tried to play it and as usual the coalition haven’t a clue how to manage servers. People with 1 ping just trash everyone else with over 100 ping every match. At this stage every aspect of pvp is just broken. And TC show in their Dev streams they don’t care.

I played it some last night. I found it very enjoyable. Apparently games can start now with less than 10. Don’t think I was ever in a full game.

My biggest gripe is entering a game when someone already has over 20 kills.

Agree with people above who say the mode should have always been this way. Seems more fun without being hit with a power weapon constantly.

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Something has changed for the better with FFA, or at least that benefits me. Pulled three wins in a row before people quit out and game dissolved. Not to brag as I don’t think I’m that good. It’s possible making FFA an event draws in all the noobs. This allows normal people to get normal games not full of sweats now, and have a chance of winning.

I see your point but if I’m being honest most of the time when I win is cause of the kills I get from power weapons in regular FFA. I don’t mind this mode brings back Gow1 Raven Down memories.

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Gnashers only is pretty much every PvP mode.

Meta Logic, am I right?

Haha, one of my recent KotH matches would beg to disagree. :sweat_smile:

Definitely the most rifle heavy game I’ve ever had but KotH at the higher levels is all about crossing. Gnasher only get you so far.