Gnashers Is No longer good

Why did you remove actives in gnashers, it’s like the most important thing, Also how can you shoot around corners you didn’t even turn yet ? This is the stuff I’m talking about… Please put back Actives on gnashers. Also it feels like you added damage to the lancer ? Yet reduced the damage for gnashers ? The gnashers are not even useful at this point. The gnashers is not even consistent. How can somebody down me with one simple shot ? They also intend to body me at the same length yet I do 37 percent… Please fix the gnashers because it is no longer useful.

Every bullet should be able to be active

Timetraveler-san, is that you? This change was made over half a year ago.

No. Active on loadout weapons is dumb.

It’s one of the few changes I am all for. I never liked actives on loadout. It’s nice to have, but the flip side to that is that sometimes THEY have it and you don’t.

It’s just a dumb component to the game IMO that doesn’t need to be there. When no one gets actives then it levels the playing field and all you need to do is focus on hitting shots and evading shots. No wild cards (except connection of course but that’s another topic)

On pickup/power weapons it’s totally fine and I actually prefer those having the active boost option.

I think its called wrap shot and i agree it needs removing. As for the actives, i have gotten used to the new system but i still prefer 1-3’s way.