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Gnashers in gears 5 just not right to me

not for me, i could go into a private match and repeatedly get the 83% over and over again. im just saying as far as range, not other factors.

here it is the same thing

at one point it will not be a chunk, it is just how video games work.

like in call of duty, they buff and nerf weapons by damage per range. say they buff a weapon, but only from 13.5 meters to 19 meters. if you get a triple up close did the buff help you? no, that range didn’t change as it is below 13.5 meters.

if the gnasher killed at 100 yards people would complain about not killing at 101 yards.

im strictly talking about range because i see people wanting the chunk range to be even more forgiving.

People will probably disagree, but a simple solution is to make a system that rounds up number like 97% 98 99% to 100% . The opposing player is practically dead a 3% away from death is ridiculous, 5% is justifiable, but 2 to 3% is just amazingly idiotic.

Yes exactly i litterally point blank a lot of times and i do basically 97 to even 100% one time btw i dont play arcade as i dont like that mode but hell even times i be in someone face point blank and bam 10% damage wth do i do lol this game is something else feels more or less broken to me

It’s not even the chunk range. People are one shotting behind cover. someone shot in the radius of my foot and arm being out of cover with a 5 yard range and 100%ed me. It’s just not fun.

Nope! Not just you!