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Gnashers in gears 5 just not right to me

It worked ok for some tryhard in a game I just played. But then again, weird things were happening 9i.e. not being able to pick up a boomshot for whatever reason)

Yea. I have a clip of me getting a perfect point blank shot, all pellets…96% -.-

I think the gnasher should be a power weapon i like iy alot the way it is now, but it is super inconsistent in hit ratio and damge, ive been killed a few times when people werent even aiming at me… lol same with some of the kills ive gotten.

Gnasher should just be a power weapon no one likes games where all people use is the shotgun its no fun just turns into a F**K fest where actually getting lancer kills makes you good😂

Considering you still think lag compensation means faster health regen, you have no idea what’s going on.

Lol i love the gnasher just this game your right about it being inconsistent idk they should just took comp settings from gears 4 over to 5 then probably been a perfect gnasher. Lancer is op af in this gears but other than that i dont want to see gnasher as a power weapon that would ruin gears for me :rofl::rofl:

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I think it would for most advid vs players tbt i use it but id much rather gun ppl down with the lancer…:sweat_smile:
But the enforcer now we’re talkin ive been using it like crazy