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Gnashers in gears 5 just not right to me

It worked ok for some tryhard in a game I just played. But then again, weird things were happening 9i.e. not being able to pick up a boomshot for whatever reason)

Yea. I have a clip of me getting a perfect point blank shot, all pellets…96% -.-

I think the gnasher should be a power weapon i like iy alot the way it is now, but it is super inconsistent in hit ratio and damge, ive been killed a few times when people werent even aiming at me… lol same with some of the kills ive gotten.

Gnasher should just be a power weapon no one likes games where all people use is the shotgun its no fun just turns into a F**K fest where actually getting lancer kills makes you good😂

Considering you still think lag compensation means faster health regen, you have no idea what’s going on.

Lol i love the gnasher just this game your right about it being inconsistent idk they should just took comp settings from gears 4 over to 5 then probably been a perfect gnasher. Lancer is op af in this gears but other than that i dont want to see gnasher as a power weapon that would ruin gears for me :rofl::rofl:

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I think it would for most advid vs players tbt i use it but id much rather gun ppl down with the lancer…:sweat_smile:
But the enforcer now we’re talkin ive been using it like crazy

I understand your point lol gears 5 already bad enough with lancers i do plah ranked more often anyways still i just hope they tune some things in this game cuz i love it overall

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In simple terms - fix gnasher please, ty.

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This is a great idea

Yes for sure lol maybe nerf lancer a bit also as it is just a bit op to me :rofl::rofl:

Yessir brother same here

Same for me. It just feels so “off” due to this I’m hardly playing. Still less than 10 matches of KOTH played since early release.
I’m basically jumping on for maybe 2 Escape a day and that is it. Not even reuped yet.
I’m getting my daily Hill fix on Gears 3 and 4.

Idk what happened i took a break for a couple weeks it feels like they buffed the lancer in arcade😂 the one mf place it DEFINETLY did not need buffed

High ping? Check your internet. I rarely see a ping over 35

Pretty sure they haven’t made any balance changes yet…?

You’re replying to an 11 day old comment, so his issue might no longer be relevant.

Ita definetly still a issue lol point blank 98% way too often then get gibbed 4 feet away

I was referring to his comment on the ping issue.

all i can say is to learn the chunk range as best as you can.

damage and distance is key to gears and any other mp shooter.

sure, you might experience this or that but lots of people complain but don’t understand the ranges and damages.

for example, an 83% in gears 4 was perfectly fine, you were just outside of chunk range.

here, the chunk range is more forgiving/nooby so it is further out but the same logic still applies.

it is a case of “it should” vs “is it?”

it should be a kill vs is it a kill…of course, without factoring in lag and other stuff. just the base game in general

Nope. The barrel could be in the enemy’s face and you’d still get 83. Now you get 97 etc…

The problem is on YOUR screen you are in gib distance, but the walmart internet youre shooting at gets pitty powers from the servers.

Gears 4 was full of “you missed your shot” or “its working fine” until the game degraded to the point it was undeniable.
Funny those people stop posting that nonsense (or just quit the game)