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Gnashers in gears 5 just not right to me

Why does this gears feel like sponge fest with the gnashers all i get at gib range is 93% 98% 99% really irritating hope they fix this anyone else have this problem?


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Having the same problem, mostly happens when I shoot females and terminators due to their character scales being so small

Yea female and the terminator are spongy but ive also hit swarm hunter in a game a second ago got 99% damage lol

All ■■■■■■■ day. 99% in 1 shot, 92% in 3 shots, etc. Then you see someone shoot the air and it’s 100% instant kill. I’m convinced it’s running off of whatever RNG system the Gears 4 loot boxes were under.

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Sometimes makes me wonder as well smh

I was having that problem too but from my experience you have to aim much high with you gnasher when blind firing and you will get the one shot(I’m assuming it’s a head shot modifier on the gnasher)…now be mind for me this only works when blind firing idk what to do to get a ads one shot.that shot never works for me

Yea i noticed that higher shots on the gnasher i get more gibs but just plain stupid point blanking people and get the 98 or 99% damage done or hell even sometimes ill shoot a person and it does nothing as if i missed

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Yea I don’t like this new system either tbh and I noticed my pings are noticeably high than in gears 4 this could also be what’s adding to the frustrating of gears 5

Yes that is very true also ima keep playing hopefully they come around and fix this game as i like the game would love to see it get better

Same…but we need more maps ASAP and I’m hearing a lot of players thinking about quitting the game because of the lancer changes so hopefully when can all find common ground soon…I really want gears to be a success

It’s not just the high percentage shots that didn’t trade with the other (where they still kill you), I also feel this gnasher doesn’t have that gratifying feeling of previous gears, where you actually knew when you bodied someone. (Sometimes bodying someone in Gears 5 is hard to tell if the person even died!)

They need to take out the one shot kill all together.

So your saying take out the gib from gnashers? Lol that be a failure if so :rofl::rofl:

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The figgen ninety something %s man. Its like the new 83%s from 4.
Whats even worse though is the hit detection. I pointblanked (all pellets hit) someone in cover from behind only to have him turn around and gib me. Apparently i only did 17%.

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The gnasher is indeed atrocious. The exceptionally high and unstable ping rates don’t help much either. On Gears 4 the worst ping rate to play on was in the 50-60’s range. That’s all I play on now in Gears 5. For most of my games the average ping rates are 1-2 guys with 30 ping rates, 2-8 guys with ping rates ranging from 50-90, and 1-2 guys in the 110+ range. from what I have seen of the gnasher in comparison to Gears 4 core tuning. The 1 shot gib range seems to be slightly farther, two shot range seems to be non existent or incredibly small, three shot range is not consistent. Also active reloads do not affect killing power in any way. I have had several gnasher duels where I will get two good shots on somebody, Just for them to slide off a wall and gib me in one shot. Watching the kill cam I will be standing off to the right of them and they still kill me. Speaking of the kill cam, I have noticed that what appears on my screen as a near miss or partial hit, will result in my gun being completely off target by comparsion of where I was aiming. This seemingly favors players with high ping rates. It is almost as if how the code is written, If I shoot into zone X because that is where my opponent is at, but on the opposing players xbox or PC he has moved on to zone Y, my shot misses despite me hitting him on my screen. Despite me having a better ping rate it would appear I am the one who is lagging. This has led to some extreme frustration while playing as I know that despite not hitting a full shot on my opponent, I would have done some sort of damage. I watch the killcam and I’m not even close to hitting my target.

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That is the opposite of how it works. You shoot, and the server rolls back time to when you shot and then tries to line up the shot. Has nothing to do with where the other player is on their screen currently, if it did it’d lead to massive amounts of cheating.

I’m not denying your explanation is how it’s “supposed to work”. But that doesn’t mean it is working.

In a perfect world… sure. But your explanation doesn’t explain away how people are living through point blank shots day in and day out. This has been a thing that’s existed in the franchise for a long time. And it’s still quite prevalent.

There are many, many examples of this. I have dozens of videos recorded on my Xbox. I appreciate what you say, and wish it were true. But the overwhelming evidence proved that what you say isn’t true.

I have had several shots where I know I didn’t hit with a full shot, I might have hit them with a quarter to a third of my shot group. (Is that sloppy play? Yes however when you have already pumped a shot into them, one more half ■■■■■ hit will or should down them.) But when I watch the kill cam from their screen, I’m not even looking at them, or they have already moved to a different spot. If the servers are supposed to roll back to when I placed my shot then line it up. Why is it that I am no longer even looking at my target as I would see it from his screen?

My dream gnasher would be a version of comp Gears 4, where a perfect active reload doesn’t increase damage but give a buff to the effective range.