Gnashers change

Is it me or does it seem like every What’s Up involves gnasher changes?


I interpret the paragraph in your screen grab to mean that they want players to stop hiding being corners and getting easy kills. However, this will have consequences beyond just stopping those players from playing cheaply.

Here is my idea n it is perfect. Atleast better than wht we have today.
Decrease the poke to 65- 75.
( last week it was increased to 100 and now today its doubled to 200)

Keep the new new gib range at 550 ( was 600 then 500 n now its at 550)

And increase the clip size to 8 instead of 6 n instead of giving us more ammo tht not one person asked for (,WTF)


No Gears game has EVER had this kind of range on the Gnasher, let alone that much damage at that range.

Previously the Gnasher with the greatest range was Gears 3 with approximately 1650 unreal units. The caveat? That Gnahser only did 50-60 HP of damage, which is roughly 10% of the players total health. Meaning upwards of 10 shots to down at that distance.

Now, in Gears 5, this spontaneous and seemingly out of nowhere decision to increase the effective range 350 units beyond the longest its ever been in Gears history comes with an even crazier dose of WTF. The damage between 1000 and 2000 unreal units is a constant plateau of 200 HP! Aka 1/3 of you players total health.

Whats it all mean?

In Unreal Engine 4, an unreal unit is 1 cm of in game distance. Meaning the new range in which you can 3 shot poke someone down is 32.8-65.6 FEET in game. If Marcus’ character model is 6’ tall that means 10.8 Marcus’ laying end to end.

All in all, this range is not really the insane part here… after all, real shot guns have some crazy range. However, getting a player 66.6% red with two shots from 65 feet way is absolutely freaking crazy.


We are now repeating history. G2 shotty/snipe is back! :scream:
Or if you prefer we have permanent g3 active downs. :cry:

Just what the hell tc? Do they not have any idea of the history of the franchise? We don’t need to keep repeating the mistakes of past games!! Jeez.

The wall cancel thing sounds stupid. As usual layering complexity where a simpler solution would work better. Say treating it like a gun and giving it a fire rate, just below the g3 as fast as you can press it rate, just enough to stop the lag like jittery look of true hyper bouncing.


Why we cant have gears1 mechanics again idk😔…i miss the true shotgun battles

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