Gnashers change

So i know the shorter gib range is better in my opinion but the newest changes are probaby the worst thing to me everybody can just sit back camp 2 shot across the map with there sniper gnasher im not a fan of it tbh but whats everone oppinions about like hear some other peoples thoughts


I heard a couple say something about them secretly reverting some changes even though I don’t quite know what that means.y opinion though is that I’d like it more if the damage fall off was fixed. I’ve been getting ALOT of 85s and that’s no bueno. It’s not like I’m not aware that you have to get closer it’s the fact that people will deadass take one step toward you and gib you. Meanwhile you’re 4 pointed and your last resort is to botwalk and shoot what would’ve been a gib (pre patch) and gettin 85% :man_facepalming:t5:

They implemented these changes on Tuesday rather than today as they had claimed. It was pretty much a universal thought throughout much of the community that the Gnasher has incredible range now when compared to the patch that released last week. A few of us actually tested the range of the Gnasher after the 800mb update on Tuesday and the changes were in full effect.

I am a heavy Gnasher user but I can’t stand this change. It’s so bad that I don’t even have the desire to play PvP anymore unless they change it back. How are they going to create an overpowered weapon such as the Gnasher in the sake of balance while at the same time say they want to nerf the movement? Also, why in the hell would you buff the Gnasher by double the distance which creates Lancer style Gnasher battles while increasing the ammo count from 18 to 30? That’s incredibly stupid.

You can see here that I created a thread calling them out for this:

Yep definitely saw that thread and you might’ve been who I was referring to. They did a roadmap and it looks like the game will be sped up some more so I guess they’re trying to balance movement with gnasher play. If they would’ve just recreated the final competitive gnasher from gears 4 I would greatly appreciate that. But if I could at least roadie strafe like I used to then I might be able to adjust

The problem is you don’t create a tuning for an insanely powerful Gnasher without the other pieces of the puzzle being implemented also. The data they will gather will be of no use because the game plays so poorly in its current state due to this. Plus, their idea is to reduce wall cancelling thus creating less movement while the Gnasher is even stronger. That doesn’t sound like a promising fix in my opinion and many are expressing the same concern.

If they really want to fix something they need to focus on consistency. I don’t care how many times you change the weapon balancing and movement. If you allow high pings to destroy a lobby none of that is going to matter.


Consistency is definitely a huge issue for me. I literally got destroyed in gears 4 the other day by a Mexican player with a high ping. I win all my 1vs in gears 4 and I saw through all of his strats. 5 SUPPOSEDLY has upgraded servers. I wish I would’ve recorded it but maybe 45 minutes ago I watched a guy with 200 ping teleport around the map. He’s the kind of guy to one shot you before you know he’s right next to you.

The poke damage is extreme now. For example, it is impossible to push on the side of drop/boom on all fathers.

or boom/drop on asylum or to the sides rings on asylum

any similar areas or impossible to push unless you throw a flash.

so we are depending on flashes but arent they thinking of taking them out of loadouts in koth?

oh boy…

I played a few matches with my friend @Drinkands_im on 2v2 to see if anything changed from Tuesday which is when I felt the change at first. I can safely say that it’s the same as Tuesday and that it’s way too extreme. I was in the middle cover on Mid and the enemy was on the other side. While I was in cover he poked out and one shot me down.

No thank you. I’m out. I gave it a chance to see if they indeed did change anything from Tuesday but it’s awful.

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yeah, it is like a sneak revert. that is how 2v2 played when it initially came out.

So glad I stopped playing. Hopefully they change it back. I’ll try playing when OP3 drops. Hopefully things will be sorted out.

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Wait, what? They said that? What?

Well, honestly, that’s the end of Gears… And start of something new, with a similar name…

There was more about it somewhere that talks about a cool down timer and such.


Rather than making each action punished with a delay, we want to move towards a system that provides trade-offs. Instead of having a wall-cancel cooldown as we’ve had since Gears of War 4, we will introduce a short slow down on slides following a cancel. The more you cancel, the more you will reset the slowdown. The slow down will fade off quickly. This means that if you use longer slides, i.e. more efficient with your cancels, you will be able to move faster and evade better. If you cancel too much, you will make yourself more of a target. We will take time to tune this value to feel natural and intuitive. The point isn’t to remove hyper-bouncing anymore, just make it a trade-off. If you can find the best rhythm of sliding, you will have the most combat potential.”

Ok… that bit talked about not getting the speed boost when you “up A” from a stationary cover, sure, that makes sense… but they talked about removing wall cancel? So your slides would always have to complete? That’d be horrible…

No, not removing it. Nerfing it. You quoted me saying reducing it, lol.

Gotcha; I didn’t see that second paragraph at first…

I edited it in.

But I’m not sure why you thought I said removing it, lol. Your quote of me clearly says reducing it. :yum:

ahhh, I misread it! I thought I saw “remove” where you wrote “reduce”… gotcha… :slight_smile:

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Buddy im lovin life playin matches on blood drive, canals, diner, rustling, its like i got back with an ex.

I sure hope they fix it i dont mind shorter gib range although hate having to get used to it but its cool the extreme range and damage of it though is crazy high and the whole movement slow down to me pretty dumb i think they are taking a skill that players took time to learn out of the game a big mistake hope they change things around for the better

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I don’t even mind the increased damage as it’s lower than it was a few weeks ago. But the extreme range isn’t something that I’m happy with. It’s especially noticeable in 2v2 which has become a mess of a mode with this tuning. The mode was only playable with last weeks update.