Gnashers and sawed offs in versus illegal use

this happens in versus mode mainly I encounter a bot that will blow me to hell from an unreal distance can anyone out there relate? Gears 3&4

Not only bots but Core Gnasher too.

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Wait! Are you calling bots hackers and cheaters? Maybe you should report them?



The accuracy is very high for the bot and it is very often in reloading “flash”. On the other hand I noticed that their displacements were boosted. The last session in “Coop vs Ia” that I did, as a veteran, I found that the bots were constantly moving, and that they moved like humans. And Ping at 0 it helps.

Bots are weak and puny creatures, mostly sitting behind cover, scared and depraved, lacking all logic. So yeah, guess they resemble humans, in a way.

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Was already reported.


Must be very cautious, as bots can trace your location and show up at your door unexpected.

He who cannot gain mastery of bots cannot better himself in multiplayer.

But seriously, bots are suppose to be tough, they cant be made predictable otherwise there will be no challenge.


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Oh NO! @DarkChaoz95 is here! I think he’s a bots, disguised as human! EVERYBODY RUN!!

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As has been said, keep in mind that they have perfect accuracy. That means they are hitting you with max pellets and they don’t have to take time to aim, they simply snap to aim. That’s why they can be running sideways without aiming and hit you with every lancer bullet in the head while you’re wallbouncing.

Indeed I am a bot. An irritating one that always lurks on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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Core gnasher seems so op. I dislike core for it