Gnasher Tuning Change

Is it me, or has the gnasher been changed again. Not like it was all that consistent to begin with, but it feels much much worse lately.

Shots Literally going through ppl with no damage, especially with up close hipfire shooting seems to be the worst for me.

Getting shot through corners are a thing again it seems also.

Idk maybe it’s just me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. But I wouldn’t put it past TC if they have been tinkering again behind the curtain. They’ve done it more times than I can count.

Anyone else noticed its been more inconsistent again?

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It’s just you

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:unamused: I think im getting old

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Didnt you read the title on the box. It says results may vary.


Didn’t you read the post? It asked if anyone noticed a change. Not how dare they changed it. Suggesting that changes were expected.

I have been getting a lot of ghost shots tbh

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Definitely been worse but I don’t think there was a change. The hit detection has just been terrible as of late.

Happens to me on quickplay all the time, i think its the servers.

So for me, last Friday was insane… It genuinely felt like 50% of my shots were ghost pellets. This was beyond the old “Gears will be Gears”, and something just felt distinctly off.

I fired the game up again on Tuesday (April 27) and the Gnasher felt AMAZING. It felt like I was playing on a LAN connection, every shot was hitting exactly as it should.

This makes me feel like there are multiple environmental variables that can make or break the feel of this game. Obviously, that’s matchmaking in general, but this feel more emphasized. Part of me has always wondered if deep in the background, games like Gears will place handicaps on players when it ‘isn’t their turn’ to enjoy the game. So many people I know share this experience… one day it feels like you’re an unstoppable killing machine, multiple matches in a row, against completely different teams. Other days, you’re 7 minutes into a KOTH match struggling to get your first kill.

Who knows…


It’s been that way. Worse after Operation 6 tuning. Where have you been? lol


Yeah its completely trash lol


it’s hard to know what’s going on with this game due to stealth tweaks that aren’t communicated or server issues that can randomly pop up at any time.


I don’t mind it at the minute to be fair, seems to be alright.

Reduce gib range.


I honestly can not say for sure if it is the gnasher or hit detection but whatever it is it has taken a nose dive.

I thought that was my regular bad shooting. Honestly, if your Oceania, you generally just shrug and put it down to latency.