Gnasher timing /shootig

Can anyone explain why the gnasher has delayed shots.

Because TC are incompetent.


Are you talking about coming out of roadie run? It’s to punish people who just want to brainlessly head down into people with the Gnasher.

If you’re referring to the roadie run delay, the explanation they gave went somewhere along the lines of lag compensation. Supposed to help give visual consistency with what happens on your screen when someone head down’s you and shoots.

Before, I guess people had a problem with connecting the dots on how they were killed/updated. It definitely cut back on trading kills (that and the fact that they actually removed 1 shot downs) that’s for sure.

If you’re talking from wallbounce, I have no idea because I don’t really have that issue. I normally don’t shoot and wallbounce at the same time so I wouldn’t be able to validate any of that.

I’m just talking about in general it’s like my shots are just delayed all the way around it’s complicated to explain. Like I’m trading shots with an enemy and nothing comes out when I push the trigger.


I’ve noticed a delay but not sure if that’s a controller issue or what, but it is annoying. So many times I’ll click RT to shoot only for nothing to fire and I’m just standing there like an idiot. Never experienced this on the older games.


Had it a couple times on PC I shoot first but the other guy can get 2 shots off before me… i know mkb has the gnasher bug already so even if it does shoot, it doesnt register anyway

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Thank God someone brought this up. I thought it was just me. This happens a lot to me and causes me to miss or not even fire at times. I have also noticed recently that I’ll gib someone and there are time they take steps after the shot before the game decides their dead.


So at least I’m not the only one I wish I knew if it’s my controller or I just suck it is so freaking aggravating

nope since launch i’ve had the same experience, made me quit the game, atm i’m trying out the game again

Lol its worse now.

Good luck so far I have had none.

That definitely didn’t work, since 90% of the people who shoot me out of roadie running visually appear to not break the run at all.

I know full on run at me 2 inches away I shoot point friggin blank and nothing…the other practically shoots while he’s running it seems.

You know, you have a gnasher of your own. Roll out of the way and shoot them. The game shouldn’t cater to people who refuse to use the gnasher. I use all weapons besides the embar that weapon is junk. If you want to be good, learn the weapons the game shouldn’t be dumbed down because certain players want to play like bots and lancer the whole game.

The game isn’t dumbed down by tactical play; it’s dumbed down by everyone ignoring ranged weapons and brainlessly charging at one another like Neanderthals wielding clubs.

I mean, there is always Tom Clancy games. Siege is pretty good. Gears has always been far from a tactical shooter and its selling point was always close quarter combat. It never had the precision to be a tactical shooter anyway.

Besides this game being completely inconsistent to the point where some matches your shots just go through people and sometimes you have godlike invincibility the weapons are fine the way they are.