Gnasher sweet spot for the one shot!

HI Gears Community,

As i finally got back my silver 2 after it doping to 18%. I find my game KOTH getting better in a lot of aspects. I am playing smart thinking, watching power weapons and nads. I the are that still confuses me and seems to be hit or miss is the sweet spot for the gnasher one shot kills.

People say core and competitive are different, but i got to say it seems that the one shot kills are the same in both. at distance i am hard aiming and in the ring blind shooting but it seems the mid distance is where i always get one shot killed.

Any tips? I have watch vids on up a and back a. pop shots blind shots etc.

But i just do no get where to aim or target the on shot kills.

If you’re blind firing line up the gnasher to the enemy. The shots come directly out of the gnasher.

One shot range for core and comp are the same however knowing when you’re in range or not just comes with experience and can’t be taught.


Hi Jared,

Thanks . I was wondering about aim the gnasher or line up the target marks when they turn red.

there was video i saw that talk about that and if your on a wall corner the marks may be red but you hitting the wall cause the shots are from the barrel.

what about hard aim? Barrel or target marks?

When hip firing you line up the barrel with the enemy. Basically just to the right of center screen.

When hard aiming you line up the center of the screen with the enemy first. Then you hard aim and shoot, usually in quick succession (pop shot).

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It doesn’t matter, you’ll just get 82%. Then get gibbed.

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