Gnasher Spread Since Operation 3

Quick question about the Gnasher’s spread since the update. When hip firing with the Gnasher the pattern is small and tight but when aiming with it the pattern is wide. Shouldn’t it be the other way around hip firing would be wide and aiming would be compact or am I thinking wrong about this.

I get more kills hip firing than aiming. Aiming I get a lot of 83%-97% range

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I don’t think looking at the pellets matter much. Hip firing I’ll see a bunch land just to do no damage even though you say the spread is wider for aiming I believe a hard aim will have better hit detection. At least I know if I hard aim and I see pellets land I know there will be some damage. To many times I hip fire and I move in to hip fire again thinking he has to be going to only to be gibbed and it will say 21% or something ridiculous. Haven’t hand to many problems judging damage with hard aim. The hit detection is hit and miss for me (hip fire)even though visually it seems like I’m nailing my shots.

This is an accurate observation to my experience as well.

Hip firing in g4 almost never gave me problemsas much as I hated that game. This game I hipfire and it’s either a ghost shot or somehow I missed. I’m not at all bad at aiming with a hipfire. I can 180 and 360 zip round gibbing entirely in back of me with a flick…but for some reason sometimes the shot doesn’t connect the way it should. I can see it visually and in g4 this worked much more effectively.

I can’t read it and I can’t understand it all. Sometimes it feels like I have no idea what I’m doing in this game after yeeeears of practicing and playing. This is entirely off putting to me. It makes me rage sometimes more than I’d like to admit.


With me I have the same problem. I hip fire the majority of the time. Recently I been hard aiming to land my shots. Even though this recent update helped the hip fire imo it is not even as close to where it was pre op3. Visually it’s landing, landing actually more than a hard aim. Actual detection not even close. I still can land three good hips shots on someone mid to close range and still only see anywhere from 20 to 51% damage thinking any second this guy is going down lol. What also trips me out is the animation of the opponent. Say behind cover sometimes they won’t even face my direction I’ll run up and get gibbed. Without my shot ever coming out of barrel. Some say this is the kill trade window, even though I’m seeing something completely different than the opponent. For some reason Everytime this happens the kill can doesn’t record anything.

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This is exactly what I’m seeing too. The kill cam is never showing what’s actually happening and half the time what you’re seeing on screen isn’t what’s even happening on other people’s screens. Then occasionally doesn’t work at all when something REALLY fishy happens. It’s like it knows it was BS and doesn’t want to show you what happened because it won’t make sense either way lol.

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Every time you run into the" TC programme to kill the skill gap game play moment" it will not show on the kill cam. That’s why I turn the kill cam off. Why bother?

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The spread, magnetism, etc. should be the same regardless of whether it’s hipfire or LT.

So that’s why I sometimes sat there thinking.

“Why am I dead? My Gnasher was in my enemies stomach”

I get 80 something percent then get hard aimed gibbed. Go to watch what happened or what the server saw and get no kill cam