Gnasher shots are doing very weird things

I see a lot of wrap around shots. Bullets wrapping around corners in strange ways. Back up A is gibbing people around corners now more than ever. I’ve been back up Aed more in this game than any other gears game. I think it’s just because the game feels a lot stiffer. I’m enjoying the new movement though to be honest.

Not only back up A though. On a certain instance when an enemy was behind waist high cover( I was on the opposite side of his cover) and I gibbed a dude one shot with a hip fire. I was maybe 2 steps away from cover standing up. Very strange. It’s as if the whole gnasher shot was able to hit him somehow while he was in cover. Anyone else experiencing something like this?

Unrelated almost but the gnasher is a bit too powerful.

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What is a back up A?

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From cover. Press back, shoot button, cover button Real fast near the edge of cover from the right or left.