Gnasher shotgun not shooting/jamming at random times

Quick question has anyone else been experiencing their shotgun simply not firing when in the middle of a heated battle?

This has been happening to me a lot more recently maybe im just holding the strafe button while trying to fire but it almost seems like mega input lag has hit the servers


Bro when the gun jams/doesn’t shoot they’re just trying to be realistic lol

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Yes, there are instances where pulling the trigger does nothing.

When it’s in the middle of a gnasher battle it’s usually dismissed as “hey, the other person just shot first,” but that’s BS. it happens to me when holding a lancer, or torque, or trishot, or buzzkill: I pull the trigger, nothing happens… I release the trigger and re-pull it, and THEN the gun starts to do what I’d expect it to do.

Sometimes it happens more often, sometimes less… I have not been table to find a pattern, I tried different controllers, different xboxes, etc happens no matter what I change.

I don’t play other games so I can’t tell if it happens in other games…