Gnasher Rework Necessary

Why is the most used weapon the most inconsistent? There are too many times when you and the opponent are at the same range or further but one person does more damage without an active reload. Killcams don’t even give a reasonable explanation as to why the other person killed you. Can we get some clarity or a complete rework of the weapon please?

The gnasher felt fine when the game came out… then people complained and changes were made, now it feels broken. Why cant they just get the weapon right the first time and leave it how it is.

TC are amateurs.


Uhm… nothing is okay with this game. I get 96-98% shots all the time.

Also has no one really noticed the lack of trades/mutuals?


Yep, says you never even pulled the trigger most times when you clearly did. The lack of balance in all aspects of multiplayer amazes me because they had 2 games that had it right for the most part. How do you lose the knowledge accumulated over 4 years and 2 games and deliver this to the consumer. How does that happen? Its 2019!!! It was better 10 years ago when fast internet was like 15mbs down and 1 up with 80 ping. I have 1000mbs down and 100up with 20 ping and it’s doo doo. How? What is going on!?!


It’s incredible to be saying this but I really think that the game felt better in the tech test.


Because the stupid choice they made to remove center aiming with barrel aiming

This was done in Gears 2 bro.

It’s been like that for a loooong time. That’s not the issue.

Nothing was ok with this game when it came out

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The ping is all over the place and the game has no servers, so gnasher battles will inevitably be a waste of time. There is no skill in this game anymore it’s just complete random whether you land a shot or not, so walking and hard aiming is just as effective as a well timed back A or reaction shot. It’s the worst gears game…actually no it’s the worst online gaming experience I’ve ever had.