Gnasher reloading

wtf does the gnasher keep reloading for when it doesn’t need to?sort it out ffs.In 1on1’s in versus fire the gnasher&it decides to reload,so annoying!!

I’ve never encountered anything like this. Maybe your reload button is messed up

know it’s alway’s got a full clip cos i’m alway’s doing active reload’s.Does it so many times to me&when the match is all tied up&you’re last man all you need is that stupid thing to decide to reload when you’re about to take someone’s head off,rrrreally annoying!!

Again maybe your somethings wrong with your reload button I would always start roadie running on an old controller because the button would get stuck

pretty sure it’s fine,it alway’s makes the reload sound anyway cos i keep an eye on it due to this problem alway’s cropping up

This has happened to me a couple of times but rarely.

It could be because the reload and fire button are so close together (and have similar heights) on the xbox controller… this use to happen to me on the standard controllers from time to time… id go to fire and accidentally brush the reload button. On my elite the buttons are slightly more defined so it rarely happens.


yeah possible i suppose,guess that must be it then lol wonder if i can change that on setting’s?i’ll have a look

In my case, it sometimes reloaded for no reason. I’m on pc and have my reload mapped to a button that cannot be accidentally pressed. Sometimes, it would reload out if nowhere, even if I mapped to a different button. Sometimes, it would continually fire until the gun was empty. I’ve not had any other game perform this way so it was something in the game causing these glitches.

I’ve had some weird issues which have gotten worse since Season 7 started. I’m not even sure why considering the rollover shouldn’t have caused it.

  1. I am pulling the trigger with my Gnasher randomly my weapon switches to one of the 3 other options.

  2. Reloading when I have a full clip and in the middle of battle.

At first I thought maybe I was just hitting the wrong button or my controller was broken. But I’ve tried with an Elite, Standard and Mouse/KB and it happens. It happened once in a while in Season 6 on Xbox/PC also. It’s quite frustrating as it’s only when the trigger pulls. Thankfully it doesn’t happen every match or more than a few times per match when it does but it should never happen.

The interesting part is that this only happens with the Gnasher.

I wish recording this would help but there’s no way for you to know what my input was at that moment. I do know many of my friends, including @ll_R_E_D_l, have experienced this too.