Gnasher players

(Omen LP) #41

Don’t go 1v1 with much better people, they are really good with CQB… try to put some damage on them from a distance, and shoot them with the gnasher from outside of gib range, hoping to down them…

In-your-face combat is really tough, and really belongs to those who master all those close range movements and shots…

Lol, I will sometimes do something, die, and then scold myself: what the frack was I thinking, trying to push like that. Recognize when you are at a dusadvantage in a confrontation and pull back/out. If you have the option, only attack when the situation faves you.

Learning things like that, I found with me, very important, no point in giving them free kills. Respect really good players’ abilitie, and try to engage them from further away…

Once it gets so close that turning speed matters, you’ll be dead, 90% if the time.

I am, after months of hard work, a mid/high gold player… But if I am careful and smart, I can from time to time, outplay onyx and some low diamond players. Not in CQB, but by playing smart… My best performance to date was in this 3v5 TDM match (2 quit right at start of round 1). I was really surprised how much I was able to accomplish against much better opponents, just by playing carefully and smart (playing on my son’s account):

I could not believe the other side had a diamond and onyx 3, and we basically had only 2 players doing any real fighting, and I mvp’ed…

(Exact Strafe) #42

I plays gears 4 daily, also have recordings of gameplay. Nothing i said was conjecture or also meant to have any negative connotations towards the community. Also, youre right, i said “gnasher players” which might have implied that i meant ALL gnasher players and that was a mistake on my part. What i meant was the type of gnasher player, instead of looking out for his team and defending the obj hes out looking for kills. Just today, half my team instead of capping the hill, they left to kill someone they spotted accross the map. Tbh, I think everyone can agree that these players DO exist and to players like me who are diamond expect a better mindset when playing. And if ive offended anyone then im truely sorry.

(HayMaker304) #43

I wish I could get to gold lol and I’m an objective player. Lol

(Exact Strafe) #44

The jump between ranks isnt as difficult as it seems and remember its a team effort. So far, you have the right mindset. Obj focus is key when playing gears. At the end of the match , nobody is going to care if your top fragger, if you dont bother with the obj and your team loses. Learn as much as possible when playing against better players. When i first played gears of war , i bumrushed people with my lancer thinking that they pull theirs out to chainsaw battle with me, boy was i wrong. Always strive to learn and youll get that diamond in no time brother

(Rundan) #45

The game revolves around the Gnasher. Always has, always will. So Gnasher kills will always have the highest kill ratio. That being said, I probably have the lancer/snub in my hands more often than I do the Gnasher.

Typically solo players will be Gnasher freaks but any good player or a well coordinated team will understand how to utilize the Lancer/Snub. I noticed myself using the Gnasher less and less as my skills progressed.

Map control is important and you can’t have map control with a short ranged Gnasher.

(Omen LP) #46

It’s like these people have a block on their RT so they can’t shoot until the opponent is within gib range…

I gave up… I’d cross someone, put about 50% damage on them, only to watch a team mate (who SAW the cross) run up to their face and… get bodied…

As soon as I see someone hunker down with a gnasher, watching over a big open area, I move away…

There are so many opportunities for fun gnasher play, but duh, ffs, it’s not always the best strategy… I feel like that makes a good player vs a very narrow focused/minded player …

Recently I have really started to enjoy using retro against charging gnasher players … they mostly don’t appreciate the difference between a lancer and a retro :wink:

(Exact Strafe) #47

Charging a retro is death. Most ppl dont bother picking it up or anything else, unless its nades or power weapons. Tbh, I used to rage at players for lancer’n and using boltok , but now i see the genius of it. I used to think that a good player ONLY used a gnasher, but really its a player that can use anyweapon and still come out on top. To bad the only people i see actually play like that are people in diamond. I wish more people played that way , such as golds and silvers when i play smurf.

(XpL Ultrax) #48

I think it is funny how some people think that you have to respawn and instantly pull out the Gnasher from spawn on. Some players think this game is all about the Gnasher, which is completely wrong.

Yesterday we played Koth on Checkout. Someone sent me a message “nice lancer team” in the middle of the first round. Dude, a good player knows when to use the gnasher and when to use the lancer. Especially in Koth where you have to defend the hill, lancer crossing can be really important. These people just don’t get it and they play gnasher only.

A good team always uses the Lancer alot. In the past I was the same, I thought it is all about the gnasher and barely pulled out my lancer.

Yea you need to know how to use the gnasher and movement. But you also gotta see the moment when to cross with your Lancer or Snub.


I do see what you are saying. But I usually do change to Gnasher straight out of spawn. Not because it’s all I use, but because too many times i’ve gone for a power weapon, higher ground so I can Lancer, revive a teammate etc… and had an opponent ambush me, Especially ones that are trying to spawn trap.
So I do enjoy using weapons such as the Boltok, or even the Retro. But, I will come out of spawn with a Gnasher.

(Omen LP) #50

Ohh, I do it all the time! When running across a map and running into an enemy if you don’t have your gnasher, you die 90% of the time. Anytime I take more than few steps in an area with cover to hide behind I am holding the gnasher.

I have died many times because I had my lancer in hand when moving, rather than the gnasher. I have never died because I had my gnasher in hand (as opposed to a different weapon)

(ll R E D l) #51

you ALWAYS run around the map with gnasher out, when you arrive at your destination is when you switch weapons


@ll_R_E_D_l and @Omen_LP

My point exactly

(Omen LP) #53

I still sometimes screw this up when I switch to a smoke which I throw, and then I ‘forget’ I am holding lancer…

haha, on Foundation: during countdown switch to smoke, throw smoke running down the centre towards nades, shoot the enemy running for nades in the face with… 1 lancer bullet… then die… then yell “AARRRRHHH!!!”… Haha… Forgot to switch to gnasher and then switch to smoke at the start, haha…

(ll R E D l) #54

Im worse, I have the alt change weapon scheme because my left directional is broken so I EVERY time I have a meatshield or heavy weapon and go to switch to my gnasher I always pull out the lancer and die

(Omen LP) #55

Ohh, is this the one which alternates between the two weapons, using a single control ? Right, I see how that would be a problem :wink:

I found that frequently when trying to do a quick/panicky change to the gnasher I would end up holding a smoke! I guess I’d hit up on the DPad… So I mapped left bumpter to be left on the DPad so I use that to quickly switch to gnasher… lets me keep my left thumb always on the left stick (I have one of the left “paddles” configured for taccom. This way I can also see taccom while aiming, so I see marked enemies through smoke while aiming at them.

Having those extra 4 buttons/padtdles at the back really allows you to customize the controls for how you play and your own particularities, I found.

(HayMaker304) #56

I’ve recently made some changes and seems my games up’d a little since I did.

I mapped my trigger button all the way down to 1%. I don’t know if my elite has a dead trigger but I found I had to just about mash it flat for the weapon to fire. Didn’t matter too much with lancer or enforcer but it did with the gnasher.

I need to learn to play with classic alt so maybe I can start wall bouncing more but today I was on fire lol. I was actually bouncing well and MVP’d a few matches. Maybe I won’t just be a bronze player all my life lol

I just wish I could find some players that weren’t just shot gunners. Watched so many of them run full steam into the ring just to get blown to bits.