Gnasher players

Um excuse you. Not all gnasher players are dumb and stupid. You stated the following “gnasher players dont know how to play the game,they stand in the middle of the obj with their shotguns and die seconds later” . Before you go spouting your drama filled bs kid, know one thing. NOT all gnasher players are total morons. For the record kid, I am a gnasher player and i dont stand or wait in the middle of the objective. I am always pulling my weight on the field. Stop labeling all gnasher players the same jerk. Take yout trivial, self centered, arrogant, ego driven bs out of the forums. I love how you spout bs without actual facts. In the end, all you are is a whiner. Go back to your sesame street game and leave this game to mature players.

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No sir. The fact is, that anytime I received hate messages from other players about the enforcer, it was from players that were just rushing straight ahead with the gnasher out. I didn’t assume that all gnasher players were anything, but the statement that it pisses off a specific subset of players that we are all talking about is factually correct from the situations that I have been in.

I’m not sure why you are going off on people right now, or why you are so angry about all this, but I’m disengaging from this conversation.



Each weapon, I find, has its best use, and the best players adjust their weapon choices to circumstances…

I think we are, here, trying to make fun of people who force their game play to be gnasher only game play always, regardless of circumstances. And as powerful and great and fun the gnasher is, it isn’t always the right choice…

I have no negative feelings about any weapon, used by the enemy… Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. If someone is using an Enforcer, great, so you have to behave in a certain way. I heard team mates say things like “I HATE the enforcer”… I don’t. I just have to remember that it’s in play…

Personally I HATE good snipers, haha, nothing is more annoying to me than getting my head popped off, time after time, despire best attempts to hide, and not be able to do anything about it :slight_smile: I HATE them… But I also respect them.

The reason I don’t like gnasher-only team mates is that, a lot of the times, they could be MORE useful to the team if they switched to their rifles for few moments, but they just focus on their gnashers. So it forces me to step into the rifle role more, to provide that balance…

So it’s all good…

Haha, I have to admit, I am not that good with the ENforcer, I haven’t figured out its “thing”, but I love using the retro, especially on people who run straight in, to try and gib you… Soooo many times I find myself saying “what were YOU thinking?” :slight_smile:

Play whatever style you like, it’s all good, it’s just a video game, BUT it’s a game we all try to win, and all want to have team mates who make the best use of the available weapons…


It is not factual at all. You assumed all gnasher players get pissed off by enforcer users. So your reply is invalid. And im not angry at all. Once again you have assumed things without facts or proof. You love to spout your bs, and when some sets the record straight or confronts you. You try to change your story. The real truth is you dont like being busted by your own words. Simple as that.

I truly enjoyed reading your reply Omen LP. It was very well written and informative. Thank you for sharing your view on things. I like the way you think. Unlike the other guy, your words carries truth and weight. I agree gnashers are not always the way to go. But I do love them. It just bothers me when people like the other guy starts labeling gnasher people all the same . I refuse to talk to that person again. I do however love how they claim its fact, when its not. Anyways, I truly enjoyed your reply. Thank you again for posting it.

Thanks… My pleasure

P.s. lol LP = Lancer Pu$y :wink:

my own theory re gnasher players and their attitude is this:

CQB gnasher combat is probably the most difficult part of this game to master. Requires the most “tricks” re movement and cover system, requires the fastest reflexes, leaves the least room for error.

People work very hard on improving and perfecting their skills in that, and then, they want to put that hard work to use, winning, and kicking ■■■. That’s perfectly reasonable and understandable.

BUT… all opponents start AWAY from you… In order to use those CQB skills, they have to get very close to you…

There are weapons which can make THAT very difficult, which neutralize the CQB skills, because they take you down before you get close enough to wall bounce, up-A, reaction shoot, back-A, etc, etc… So THAT is what those CQB/gnasher - only experts hate. They are really good at ONE style of play, and want everyone to play in a way which allows them to put all that work which they put into becoming really good at THAT ONE style of play to good use.

Reminds me a bit of the first Pirates of the Caribbean, Henry’s and Jack’s sword duel:

Henry: you didn’t beat me, you changed the rules, in a fair fight I’d kill you

Jack: that’s hardly an incentive for me to fight fair then, is it?

I don’t see any incentive to play in a way which CQB gnasher only experts consider “fair” (which to them means starting a fight on the opposite sides of some cover).

There are people who are excellent at CQB AND ALSO at rifles, power weapons/etc. Those are the truly scary people to go up against… But none of them will ever complain about lancers, enforcers, etc…

I hate that I can’t learn how gnasher players turn so fast.

Top Gnasher players have this cheat code. Something like up up down down… and the rest is secret.


Dude it’s something. I have all my setting turned wide open and in a gnasher battle I can’t seem to turn fast enough to before I get chunked lol

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Many of us higher ranked players anticipate our next move before it even happens. I am always moving my right stick so that may be part of the issue you’re having.

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Lol I guess I will forever be a bronze or silver player

But i dont know why you can choose enforcer in your inventory…
I think gow is more difficult then call of duty but i had seen some cod warrior play without gnasher(with lancer and enforcer with 15-25ping) they had not any skill or style just play with active assault…

:raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man: That’s me lol

I wouldn’t boast about that :joy::clap: lol xd ithink ur a n88b :v::smile:unskilled beginner cod warrior :smile:

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Gnasher lover spotted

Nope. Some times i use enforce but not instead of gnasher xd

I just suck at gnasher work. Never seems like my reaction time is fast enough.

only you can develop yourself. You can play better with gnasher if u “want”… i think every one can learn it

Sensitivities are only part of it, don’t get hung up on that too much. Some of the best players in the world play with a slower look sensitivity (Optic Praized plays on 20 look). As Kyrlon mentioned looking and anticipating your next move is big. Predicting what the enemy is going to do helps. Keeping your look camera more centralized on your enemy gets your shot off faster. I see a lot of players try to over bounce or strafe and it requires them to swing their camera to get their shot off. Sometimes less is more. One other thing I see a lot of less experienced people do is coming out of roadie runs late. As in they pull up too late when charging in for a one shot. This is easy to punish.