Gnasher players

Ok, so Ive noticed alot of the community prefers the gnasher and all its glory, but tbh , in my opinion its the worst weapon to main. Ive been a gnasher only player since gears 1, but i realized that its just not the way to play the game and win. I hate starting matches knowing im gonna lose because my team switches to gnashers instantly. Too many times ive seen them die and cost us rounds. Gnasher players dont know how to play the game. They stand in the middle of the obj with just their shotguns and then die seconds later. Up against a solid team who actually setups and defends the obj with lancers becomes a guranteed loss with these players. Yet, these players will still bumrush the obj without smoking properly or get downed before even throwing them. Why is the community so obsessed with such an inneffective way of playing and then complain about losing? I used to play with randoms but now i only play in stacks and win consistently , but it still needs to be said. Because when i lancered down and killed an entire team of foolish gnashers for the first time , i realized how wrong i was to think that maining gnasher was the only way to play. And more people need to play this way, because id like to play with randoms again but not if their only mission in life is to show off how good they are with an inneffective weapon at every range other than point blank. Thank you for your time.

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So u used gnasher only in tdm? Loll

Shutup nerd! the Gnasher is the best and strongest weapon in the game and if you haven’t realized that yet you’re probably some horde player lmao

gnasher masterrace


Real talk I think it really depends on the game mode and group. It’s pretty obvious lancer is easily one of the most broken weapons in core but I think in comp it takes abit more coordination. But yeah. gnasher rushing can ruin matches if that person keeps dying.

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Back in gow3 i owned the retro shame they nerfd it in gow4 was a very powerful weapon if you could use it right prompting msgs every game calling me retro noob


A lot of people spend a lot of time, energy, and effort on working on their wall bouncing gnasher combat skills, they tie it to their ego, and focus on that to the exclusion of everything else.

Those are the people who complain endlessly about weapons which down/kill them before they can run up to you to gib you in the face (lancer, HB, retro, enforcer, etc). They have only 1 way to play, and want all weapons which neutralize THAT style of play nerfed or removed :slight_smile:

I hear you about sitting in the ring, holding a gnasher, waiting for enemies to run in your face… I had team mates like that too…

re switching to gnasher - I usually switch to the gnasher immediately too; I always run around with the gnasher, because when you pop around the corner and go face to face with an enemy, gnasher is the only weapon that’s useful in that situation. I have never died because I was holding the gnasher and not the lancer/etc - but I’ve died quite a few times because I was holding a lancer/retro/torque/markza/enforcer/etc and NOT the gnasher when I suddenly run into an enemy.

An EXCELLENT commentary on the whole gnasher-only vs “lancer noob” topic:

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I think everything he said in that video would be common sense in any other game. People here just have decided somehow that shotguns are the only way to play. Makes 0 sense.

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To be honest, I mainly use the Gnasher on Core just because it’s the most fun way to play to me. If I realise it’s not working and we’re losing, then of course I’ll switch it up and use the Lancer.

Every weapon has its place but the Gnasher is definitely useful if the player is skilled with it. I switch between all types of weapons but I’ll never drop my Gnasher for any reason except maybe an Overkill.

The issue is one dimensional players who can’t adapt to different weapon play styles.

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Gnasher is a great weapon and a lot of fun!

But it’s not THE ONLY weapon…

The better I get at this game the more I realize it’s not about individual weapons, it’s about range and holding the right weapon for distance between you and the opponent.

Switching is one of the fundamental principles of the game. People screw themselves because they won’t switch weapons. Be it gnasher, lancer, whatever. The thing that bugs me most in this game is when I tac-com and see teammates behind cover with no enemies near them, and they’re holding the gnasher. They could actually be helping by marking and controlling the map with lancer but they are just being useless instead.

I love it when the enemy won’t let go of their gnasher. I see so many kids push me because I’m annoying them with lancer, then I just switch and drop them with one gnasher shot because they already have damage on them. Amazing how many people let you get first damage on them and you can just stroll up, let them brick you, and you finish them off.


I actually message ppl when they do that kinda sh**! Albeit politely, at least on Esc. the blood boils tho.

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I’m mostly using gnasher, but thing that is very important when you are using thisi is ping. My average ping is 60+(high ping warrior :stuck_out_tongue:) but i get used to it. Last time i was playing with ping 200 on USA servers(i’m from middle Europe btw) and i decided to use lancer and enforcer because gnasher is not good with that ■■■■■■ connection.
My team won game with me on top. People was t-bagging me for not using gnasher and i got like 10 messages about me being noob. I realised then that enforcer+lancer is brilliant tactic for gnasher lovers

yeah the enforcer REALLY pisses off gnasher only players.


that’s why ill use enforcer sometimes to troll gnashers. I usually get 3 hateful messages after the game. always a good time.

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And I hate team mates who want to do 1 shots so even though I put 30-40% damage on someone with a lancer my team mates wait until they are in gib range to engage them. And mostly lose… they don’t get that if they wait until they are in your face, you lose the benefit of teammates damaging those enemies for you!

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And i agree, i like a good gnasher player who can hold his own and is able to adapt his playstyle. I play in stacks that primarily use gnasher, but we do switch depending on circumstance

Speaking for escalation, I generally find the hardest squads to beat are the ones that focus on setup, crosses and mid range firing. Too many players focus on themselves, their movement and getting in close for the one shot with the Gnasher. Most take too many risks that often compromise their teammates. I prefer playing against teams that are Gnasher forward. Almost every round that I survive the opening push I run out of Lancer ammo at some point during the round.

When I play with others I try to always remind them that their death count is extremely important. In many situations id rather them stay on the map than risk a 50/50 fight.


Exactly, when i team up , i only inv those who setup and focus on the bigger picture. Ego isnt worth the loss.

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I personally love the gnasher and overkill weapons. As for the enforcer users, I dont hate them, I dont care what weapon people uses in games. Who are we to dictate what weapons other players can / cant use. If we do that to others, they can do that right back. To all the gnasher hating whiners, I got this to say “either grow up and enjoy the game, or get off gears games”. Everyone has the right to use the weapons they see fit. If you can’t handle that, go to a game where there is no guns in it. I am sick and tired of hearing from whiners about the weapons other people uses. This game is meant to be enjoyed period. Don’t make it about trivial crap. “oh they are using gnashers only, I better leave the game and whine about it on the forums” . If you dont like the weapons others play, then go play a barney, elmo, or other kiddie game. You dont belong in gears.

It doesnt piss of all gnasher players. So your comment is opinion only without facts. So heres some advice, dont assume things. That would be like me saying all lancer players cant handle another weapon. But I am not going to say that. Why? Because it has no facts to back it up. You really should watch how you lable people