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Gnasher Nerf /Assault Boost

Please note, when I refer to a gnasher nerf I am not talking about the actual firepower behind the weapon, but instead the benefit of playing aggressive close range vs. the new sit back and lancer tactic. Here are my problems with the current Gnasher let me know what you think.

1.) Shot Delay: I have been playing gears for a long time and I can notice minor tweaks that the devs might not tell us about. There is Definitely a lag now between roadie running/taking cover and the moment where u aim or fire your gun. This has caused me much frustration.

2.) Movement: The actual movement and Gnasher need to work cohesively together and this new clunky ■■■ movement and anti-wall bounce ideology has made the traditional Gnasher Dance impossible and inferior to the enforcer.

3.) Draws: Although I do think the Gnasher is consistent, I believe that it picks favorites sometimes. What I mean by this; in Gears 2 there was an Update that allowed players to simultaneously kill eachother if they are equally matched and both fire their shots. The term was called “getting updated.” I feel like there are less and less of these situations in GOW 5 which causes me to think they took it out.

4.) Over Powered Assault: Playing the current tech test has made me realize how significant they boosted the lancer and other assault rifles. Just because you add recoil doesn’t mean you can make the gun 50% more powerful. Cross-fire is toxic right now and it doesn’t even feel like I can get a solid 1 v 1 Gnash fight anymore.

Sorry just needed to vent. If you prefer the GOW 4 movement and play-style comment below.


One thing I’ve noticed is the range on that thing. I’m 1 shotting people from insane distances sometimes.

But, I think this trend of wanting weapon tweaks with every single entry needs to be addressed. It’s 7 games in and people complain about every single weapon. They need to fix whatever they need to fix OR stop tweaking weapons. Me, I think the gnasher is working fine in the game, and the only thing I think needs adjustments is movement and animations (i.e. the delay between taking cover and wall bouncing to shooting, that’s a movement issue and I agree with you 100% on that)


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