Gnasher needs fixing

After playing last night the gnasher and damage percentages definitely need to be fixed. Most of the times I’ll hard aim just to get a definite shot from behind someone only to do 55% of damage and they’ll just turn around and blow me away with one blind fire… it’s very inconsistent and needs to be fixed I’m really getting turned off by the way the multiplayer is set up and find myself playing different games.


But how close were you? Were you in chunk range or 2 shot down range?

I’m just picturing it now , you were in the 2-3 shot down ranging thinking you had a easy kill.
Story time: You shoot first while walking towards him closing the gap and he turns around, now you are in chunk range but you are between shots and he has a clean easy shot on you.

You are devastated because its your first game and you only have 15 Gamerscore in the game and so little play time but you can tell :

Move closer to them.
The gnasher does more damage the closer you get.
Like my ex wife. She was very close to me and did the most damage of all.

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