Gnasher Needs balancing for Competitve

Hello All. So in response to the changes to the lancer upcoming, I feel the gnasher needs rebalancing as well. Specifically three things.

  1. Problem: Distance relative to damage needs to be standarized. Unless some characters have more health than others…there is no reason to shoot someone point blank and they shoot you and only one died while the other took 95-99% damage. That is ludicrous. And i am not talking about missing half the shot. I mean when every pellet hits.

  2. Proposed Change: Close Range shots where all pellets hit need to always kill. Close to Medium Distance shots need to down in 2 to 3 shots. Just outside medium to long Range needs to deal no damage. CQC needs to be CQC.

  3. Problem: Shotguns deal too much damage at Lancer Distance. Its much too effective to down someone at medium to long with a shotgun vs a lancer if you both saw and started shooting each other at the same time. No cover. Shotgun needs to stay in its lane. Damage falloff of shotgun shells need to be drastically increased. So it’s kept in check to the falloff of the lancer.

  4. Problem: Chunk Distance. Chunk Distance needs to be right up in your face. No more than 5 feet. Any distance outside of that should down only. If they are not close enough to chainsaw then it shouldn’t instagib period.

If these are addressed, the game would be more healthy.


This is my main concern as well. It is probably the biggest issue no one is talking about.

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I agree with 4. You’re probably going to get mixed feedback with 1. I think i need an example (the range) to determine how I feel about 3. There’s no active damage bonus for the gnasher in this game so maybe their thinking for that is to compensate a little with the base damage.

Otherwise, yeah it can be tweaked a little. I’d prefer it go back to 8 shots or at least make it so the active bonus for the shotgun is always available since all it does is give you a full clip.

Came here thinking ‘oh no he’s not calling for the g4 comp gnasher is he?’
Find myself agreeing with the first 3 points completely. Number 4, well the range still has to be something useable, not melee range like g4. Similar to g1 or g3.
Melee range shots should hit for 125% like g3s as well IMO.

I’m curious as to what your definitions are in regards to all these distances.

Short medium long etc.

The gib range of the gnasher is definitely too far.

I also agree with the 95-99%. I’ve never in my life experienced so many missed trades/mutuals in a gears game. Instead I just die or they just die.

I don’t know why either. Also I agree again with the if someone is in my face and I use my shotgun to shoot them that it should kill them. Not give me hit markers and no %.

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So let’s use a character for example. Average height of a character is say 6 feet. So within one characters distance, if they were to lay flat on the ground is close. Within 6 to 12 feet medium. 12 to 18 feet is medium long. 18 to 24 is long. 24+ is Sniper Range.

Lets not forget the reaction kill shots now…

Yes gnasher does too much damage overall i agree. Gib range, overall damage, etc. What i will say that at least we don’t have one shot downs anymore. Either gibs or does 99%. Step in the right direction although tbh i think it should do more like 50% if it doesn’t gib.

I can get behind that. 2 shots to down/kill would be fair. It is a default weapon to be honest. Overkills i can get behind oneshotting, but it feels cheap with the gnashet…especially considering the inconsistency. Also, probably around 70-80% damage. That way you could pepper them with a few shots and then gnash. It would make support fire relevant in team modes.