Gnasher just does not work

Here are two clips where i hold my shot for someone sliding into a cover. I know that they are going for a wrap around shot. I hold my shot until they touch the cover. I get full spread pellets in both clips. In one clip i get an 86% in 1 and in the other an 84% in 1. Is this a glitch or something? These aren’t the only times this has happened. These are the only times where i was sane enough to actually record them and not just rage about them occuring

go to 00:23 and set speed to 0.5x
go to 00:23 and set speed to 0.5x

here is another clip that is not like the other two. I head down someone and go for a one shot chunk. Yes I know that I missed some of my spread (i think 3 pellets), and yet i get an 8% in 1. I dont even know why i still play this game to be completely honest. ■■■■ like these clips happen so often, so what is the point of trying in a game that plays out like this…

go to 00:20 and set speed to 0.5x


Yes that is Gears it’s just sad, TC want change the Gnasher but I mean it’s not a Weapon Problem it’s a Big Game Problem. I Play DEV Playlist and it’s the same the changes not helps very sad what TC do with this Game.


Damn, that’s tough

Happens EVERY GAME now… Sadly

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That was pretty bad. They were sponging up your shots like crazy. Some of the folks on this forum have said this is from net code issues. God only knows at this point. We’ve all been through too. I’m kind of over this game myself. I played a bit last night for the first time in week. Kind of felt like, meh.

Netcode and lag issues since launch, sad but nothing new.

I find when I play free for all its a big issue. Trying to get one of the medals but I can’t ever place first cause the gun dosent register that I hit them half of the time. It even shows it in the replay. I was wondering if it was my internet connection but guessing it’s not

Today in FFA

All that sponging I had to try way harder to kill someone & they would just gib me…

My ping a solid 30 & theirs 70-110… I’m sure That’s the problem… sucks…