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Gnasher is still the meta... All games modes should have it as a power weaponw

It should be a power weapon across the board on all gametypes .

Or have a classic game of tdm, and keep the new tdm in classic quickplay because the new version of tdm is much better

I use the gnasher just like everyone else but i dont think you should get the gnasher with the lancer to start it should be 1 primary, a flash or smoke and 1 pistol

Keep it a power weapon or make classic and new version of the game modes because as it stands there’s only classic versions of things like gaurdian dodgeball etc. Where everyone is running around with the gnasher the gun def shouldn’t be nerfed but its still the meta and it shouldnt be.

I know alot of people quit playing 4 because it was a shotgun game, i think we’ve seen a litte buff to lancers and hammer burst wich were much needed but people can still take a full clip and not go down if you shoot for legs and body. Which is rediculous if you take into account in campaign and horde leg shots are super effective downing enemies very quickly




I’m not too sure how to respond.

Well Gears 5 is definitely catering to the riffle users.

Maybe Gears 5 might be the game for you.


Whats the fun in using a 1 hit kill gun anyway,
Honestly is the gnashet is your go to you’re probably terrible without it


this has to be a joke


Nah, I can get down with any weapon.

I like CQC with Gnasher. It’s easier to mop 3 kills with a Gnasher than a lancer in sticky situations.

Do you camp for your kills?


I dont camp at all but it should be a power weapon considering its literally the best gun im the game like i said i use it too

It’s needed in certain situations.

Such as the lancer, snub and smoke/flashbang all have their uses as a starting weapon.

I feel each of them have a purpose to make you a well rounded player.

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I agree with that even so the new tdm is far superior too the old, because the gnasher is a power weapon.
Its way more fun using the enforcer over the gnasher.

Enforcer is a very good counter to the Gnasher.

No doubt all these weapons are OP in Gears 5 and should be nerfed a little.

We just gotta wait and see what TC does.

I honestly dont think anything needs a nerf.
The game is as balanced as its ever been in my opinion but in the classic game modes we dont get the enforcer as a starter. Unfortunately.
I honestly hate the gnasher even tho its a must use weapon in game modes except the new tdm

Oh, it’s one of those topics.

Just make the gnasher a parachute drop after getting a 10 kill streak!


Thats just too funny

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You sir, are an utter disgrace.


Why becausr i think people should have to use more balanced weapons the a 1 hit kill gun?
Literally at close range the only things that stops me from killing somebody with the gnasher is a slooow look sensitivity which mine is up aaaaall the way

Red, handle this for me

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Are you talking about Arcade???


Oh gracious lmao

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Yes arcade tdm is far superior then classic anything but arcade is just mfs running around with shotguns lol thats not a game literally if they made a gnasher only mode thats where most people would be ya sad bunch

to each his own. I love using all weapons but the weapons in Arcade are OP. Also getting head shots with lancers is not Gears

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