Gnasher hit detection

Does anyone else have a problem with the hit detection of the gnasher or am i the only one able to shoot 6 rounds and be downed by one from 40 feet away


you are not alone!!! every NA player is experiencing this, and we’re all trying to get TC to fix it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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God i hope it comes through soon i thought it was maybe my controller

no, long story short TC got server issues combined with 1996 DSL mixed in with everyone elses up to date connections, is makings for this mess. you can find more detail if you look furthur in the forum @Krylon_Blue is YODA on the topicđź‘Ť

I hate to break it to you but this issue isn’t going anywhere and it becomes more frustrating in the higher tiers because many high ranked players have poor connections. Your best option is to either accept it or move on because I can assure you these issues you see in Gears aren’t present in other games. I do admit some of these issues are created by the fast paced action in Gears 4 but there is a lot of stuff that happens in this game that shouldn’t regardless of the speed. I’ve seen way too many lag spikes where I skip backwards, enemies run into place and other things that directly affect me in a negative manner. This kind of stuff shouldn’t happen when another player spikes but it does here. Go ahead and play other games using the Azure infrastructure whether it’s Halo, Forza, Titanfall 1 or something else not named Gears and see if this happens. It won’t; you may see the enemy skip but you won’t and your shots register. Hell, go over to Battlefield 4/1 and see if a 64 player match has these issues. Newsflash: they don’t.

As I’ve said above, it’s time to either accept it or move on because it’s not going to get any better. In fact, as more games come out and more low pings get tired of this nonsense the issues will only multiply and get much worse. The one thing we know is Mexico loves the Gears franchise and likely won’t play many other games. So it’ll be them with their high fluctuating pings and a few low ping players at best.

TL:DR - The game is designed in a way which doesn’t compensate properly when there are high pings present. You can notice these issues happen in CO-OP vs AI if there’s a single high ping present too.

It’s bad, and it’s not just online play because you can observe flaws in LAN lobbies to.

However, I highly recommend making clips whenever something seems sketchy. You’ll learn a lot. Because the shots aren’t just going center screen (by design) it can be deceptive at times. Your shots sometimes go in directions you didn’t anticipate and it’s important to learn what scenarios cause that so you can correct your shots during those movements.

I find it to be about 50/50. Half my WTF moments turn out to be shots not going center, or just misses. The other half are flaws in the multiplayer.

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This too.

The game has flaws all around but throwing in connection variables just makes them worse. In LAN it’s like 50% broken but in multiplayer it’s 100% broken. Low ping lobbies aren’t perfect but they’re easily 100% better than a lobby with a high ping.


The ping is a lie!


So your saying everyone ping is 5x the amount that the game claims it to be? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gnasher for me is random most of the time.

Sometimes a shot will gib.

Most of the time my first bullets that should give will do about 80%.

Sometimes they are sponged completely.

Yep the game can be broken at times with the hit detection or whatever. You know those times when you feel like the person you are shooting seems to be eating shots? Well it’s a good chance that they are. I have had plenty of times I just sat out in the open with zero movement eating shots. Then you get those times when you one shot everyone, while not hitting anywhere near them…

Gears has always been a bit tricky with connection and consistency. I feel your pain. Really as most people have already stated it’s just how the game works at this time. Hopefully for gears 4 we have more server locations for people to connect to.

In my opinion, a “Central US” server shouldn’t just be a “Chicago” server. They would be better off making the “Central US” a selection of servers located in Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Kansas City, then connecting the group of players looking for a match on that region to the most central server for everyone in the lobby. You might not get a 10 ping if you are in one of those cities each time, but at least this way all lobbies have everyone connecting at a reasonable ping. Do this for all regions and I think people seeing problems will drop from 20 times a match to 1 time every other game.

TC. we’ll take a server out hhere in hawaii too.being in the middle of the ocean i can only get my ping into 30mbs as a low, and thats 5G

40 feet away?
Clip or no proof.

Come on man, you know they’re exaggerating to get their point across. You’ll point blank an enemy 4 times and they’ll survive but then they’ll shoot you from further away without even looking at you and you’ll die. It’s just typical Gears 4 and I’ve seen enough of it to fill a museum

Sometimes, it is important to know what they are talking about.
Some part of this can have valuable information that people are missing out.
So you’re saying that the OP shot someone point blank 6 times in front of them but (the same opponent?) shot them down from 40 feet away in one shot.
This doesn’t make sense cos that one opponent can’t be in front of him and 40 feet away, can’t be in two places at the same time.
Exaggerating doesn’t help understand the situation, it shouldn’t really be done when it comes to debating and explaining things.
And we don’t know if this is Core or Comp, whether there was lagging in session, teleporting or high pings or rubber banding, we don’t know all the other variables.

I understand your point but when I read it I took it as he can point blank an enemy 6 times with no positive results but enemies can kill him from a larger distance in 1 shot. Your point is valid but sometimes I read between the lines because this also happens to me. It’s something that needs to be fixed but obviously won’t be so we’re stuck with it.

Hopefully Gears 5 is able to perform up to the standard that every other mainstream game has been able to.

Just watch my Xbox clips lol. Getting gibbed a full second after I pass guys isn’t cool

TC isn’t responsible for the server locations lol, its Microsoft. Microsoft choice where to set up their azure servers. :stuck_out_tongue:

My bad, wrong forum! Lol :call_me_hand:t5: