Gnasher gibrange moves in the right direction

Less oneshotkillfests. more „dancing“ and trying to find a way to outplay the enemy. This is good. I’m slowly getting interested to come back.i think there is still room to tweak the gibrange, maybe a little bit smaller or bigger. Some testing and gameplay experience is necessary in the long run. People have to get into it . Once established, gunfights will have more depth to play and to watch. I think it will be more enjoyable for everybody especially esports might get back a boost, also because teams will have to adapt and cards will get mixed freshly and it might be exciting again to watch the new meta.I’m rather a fan of small gibranges and think it should be even smaller. Yet the rifles and some weapons are still strong when spraying and disturb personal fights. some movement mechanics are still in the need to be tweaked. Also the gnasher needs its 8 shots back and regular reloading the complete bulletamount.

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