Gnasher / Gib Range

To point 2 I’ve seen these “ghost shots” a few times a night. You shoot, you get hit markers in your reticle, you see hit marks on the enemy character model, you get killed and it says you didn’t hit them at all. This is a big problem. And I hate when the only complaint explaining this is latency. It’s not. Idc what the other person’s connection is. I run fiber optic and should still have better results than someone on a Walmart wifi

Is there a multiplier on headshots with the gnasher? if that is the case it should be removed because it only brings inconsistency.

I use the lancer a lot more in this game than others for support fire because my confidence with the random gnasher goes up or down depending on how my previous match went lol.

Yet 1 of the 1st to reply in zii last thread about esports🙄

@Livo imo the gib range issue is probably down to netcode/lag comp/latency or whatever TC want to call it.

Another great post by the way :+1:t2:

I don’t play gears 5 at all at the moment. It’s just too far gone. I feel like the future of gears could be better with some massive changes to how they do things in future games. Anyway regarding the gib range I feel like gears 4 competitive playlist had the right idea. Gnasher gameplay gets more fun when you’re not one and two shotting constantly from range. One of the fun aspects of gears 1 was the (gasp) random spread which created unpredictability but also the gnasher was not consistently OP as it is in gears 5.

Bottom line is a few little changes aren’t enough. TC seems to be listening, they’re trying to court those OG fans like I’ve suggested a few times on the forums. But putting these changes into practice isn’t really having the effect on me, sadly. The game is just broken, it’s a skeleton, the changes are too frequent, seems like they’ve just turned the game into an expirement. When you have no maps, horrid hit detection and matchmaking, with practically every weapon feeling OP… It’s just not enjoyable. In fact I’m surprised and impressed by people who play gears 5 day and night (there are a few on my friends list). Y’all must be patient and dedicated!

I’ve been trying to get into cod MW a bit more. Has game modes that differentiate themselves from each other. Has a player base. Content seems to be there. Does it still suffer from typical cod grievances? Yes. Do I miss gears sometimes? Yes. But it’s just unplayable for me personally. This is the bed MS has made for gears 5. A quick buck, with the game not resonating. the tinkering TC is doing just isn’t enough. Poor TC honestly lol. End rant

Yes I did say about the whole step in step out at different ranges but you missed my point entirely, I do believe the gib range is the issue. I don’t agree with your statement or reasons at all so I’m not sure why I’m being used as a quote to back it up, also “the up A useless”? I have to disagree.

Why do refuse to call it that?

Why is the netcode soooooo poor and will it improve on series s/x because i don’t think it will and also would TC be able to implement the netcode from gears 4 into gears 5? I’ve heard somewhere that gears 4 had something to do with 30 nits and gears 5 60 nits or other way round but for the life of me i don’t know what nits means lol