Gnasher feels inconsistent

Hate having to post back up but i love the shorter gib range feels better but somthing is really inconsistent in the gnasher as of now i will post a video or try to as well even if its on youtube but what does anybody else have to say about this am i the only one ping is always in the mid 30’s to early 40 range so no lag is involved on my end seems like im shooting blanks

Yea thats true it not as bad as gears 2 which is when i started playing gears hardcore but its not the same like before this update which as i said i love the short gib range hopefully this video i post up which is on yougune may help thats not the only game i had problems with either but my gears doesnt record most the time on xbox idk why been an issue since launch

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Ya the vid im sure will help show what u mean n such


I see what u mean now

Yea i mean i may have not gotten the kill but where did the pellets go lol but hopefully they find this video helpful i just want to see the game get better as i love gears 5 in all

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Blaming inconsistency instead of your horrible aim…

Amazing… just amazing…

Welcome to Gears 5.


Did you even watch the video?

Lol haha i didnt slow it down you are right he did miss every shot.

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Looking at it myself, he had virtually no hit markers for his pellet spread. (Like not saying ur wrong, im in agreement when watching this on my pc n not my phone) N his over abundence of shooting needlessly without holding any shots may have been a slight detriment.
Personally i think another video would or cpuld be a far better reference as this one could simply be chalked up to a simple… u missed dude…

Yeah i rewatched it and slowed it down frame by frame. He clearly mis timed the shots.

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Yesterday I was having trouble with hit registration as well. Not all pellets registering and Gibbs being so delayed that the person dying was able to take steps away before falling over. I would have left it up to user error until it happens multiple times and multiple people saw it happen from the death cam view.

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I hate to say it to you fam, but youre missing every shot… try lowering youre sense a little bit and get a steady stiffness in your hipfire.

my sense is currently 27 with 3-1 inner/outer deadzone.

Don’t worry brother. I feel your pain. Being #7 in the world in TDM , my k/d 2.06. A lot of lower rank player just criticize you. But some of those shots were a hit. & it happens to me more than often.

Thanks for supporting the game. They’ll fix it. Don’t give up hope. The gnasher is still off. Yes it hits but it either hits or it doesn’t. Very odd.

Just want you to know even some of the best players can see & feel exactly what you’re going through. Just stay strong.

I’m not just a noob & ive been getting this a lot. Seems the game is fixed. Don’t understand how I get 1 or 2 shotted but I have to really dig deep for my kills. & I’m a really high rank.

Hey what does the inner and outer dead zone impact? I have everything at 30 but i never mess with the inner outer dead zone. Thank you! Might try to tweak these a bit.

its the reaction to movement of your L and R stick and the speed of your camera spin.

Thanks! Ill have to play around with it.

Yea i didnt say they were dead on gib shot but if there were any kind of magnitism there i feel like some or any of my pellets would have hit but idk its whatever ill just start play like a noob as that what this game caters to anymore