Gnasher Emerald omen skin?

Just checked my inventory and noticed I had the emerald phantom gnasher. Was there some in game event I wasn’t aware of?

Did you claim any skins while watching livestreams in the past few days?

Yesterday, but by time I got home from work I logged on just in time to get another pink phantom reward. Does it give you a different phantom if you had the reward previously?

Yesterday had some of the green phantom skins, I claimed a couple of them myself.

Idk, maybe got lucky. Thanks for the reply.

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Past two days was an esports event going on.

I recorded the skins that were given out:

DAY 1:

  • Pink Phantom Longshot
  • Phantom Emerald Retro Lancer
  • Phantom Emerald Overkill
  • Pink Phantom Gnasher

DAY 2:

  • Phantom Emerald boltok
  • Phantom Emerald enforcer
  • Phantom Emerald torque bow
  • Phantom emerald Longshot
  • Phantom emerald Markza

Also on last Wednesday all Access emerald Phantom Gnasher was given out.

If you got any of them recently, then thats probably why. You claimed during those events.

Guys, can I ask 1 question? Where I can see when the esports event go on and how I can watch it? (to get a skin or something)

You can usually watch the esports streams at and the stream chedule can be found here

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Okay thanks!

I missed last week, I totally blanked on it but I still got an Emerald Gnasher. Now I didn’t know all these skins were given out yesterday and I see I missed out on those Emerald skins which I love, where were those announced? Sure isn’t on the eSports events page they only have the weekly Wednesday events listed.

I believe the stream was announced a day before the UK Gears LAN started, but they did not announce any skins will be given out.

However usually on UK streams, they give out past weapon skins

Thank you, now are these events announced and if so where? I want to get as many of these as I still can.

Weekly esports stream and also upcoming NA esports event can be found here

While for Non- NA events often get announced on Twitter and also they give a reminder a day before it starts too.

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