Gnasher doesn't make sense

Actually, the Gnasher is a fcking sht but the one that is on the beta tuning is worse, you can’t kill doing a reaction shot or an Up A because it doesn’t make the enough damage and the one shot down is a problem that happens a lot as well.

What Gnasher are you using?

I’m using the Gnasher 7.1. Works perfectly.

I bought it in the store.


For only 100,000 iron

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I’m saving up for it. Hopefully TC doesn’t upgrade it after I buy it.

U can upgrade the standard gnasher with gears points but u must hit master to unlock that perk 1st, bad news is u get reset to bronze1.

Dont waste ur iron.

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I still think its too strong, hard aiming from too far out is too much damage and point blanks can be done from too far away.

Needs more drop off damage at all ranges, you shouldn’t get a 1 shot unless the barrel is virtually touching. Then the rifles can be nerfed accordingly to create a better balance.

I have not played the beta tunings but i have heard the movement speed is slower, with the current weapon damage that is a bad decision.

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There is no 1 shot down.