Gnasher doesn't make sense at this OP

Idk what they did to the Gnasher, but since this operation, it feels so strange, it sometimes hit harder, and then doesn’t make the damage it should make. Please, bring back the last Gnasher, without that lines you put, TC


They have increased the gib range without mentioning it in there patch notes . That’s how bad tc are


I just hate the Up A shots. I really don’t understand it like sometimes it’s chunking from way out and other times nothing. I hate that meta so much but even the shotgun in general just chunking from unbelievable ranges, and whatever that thing is where you aim and shoot but nothing comes out needs to be sorted ASAP


I keep seeing this. Is this rlly true? Proof? I rlly hope not lol.

Proof ? It’s all over Twitter lol .
It’s been increased to stop the 99% . But you get 96% now.
You get killed from a further distance due to them doing something to the game when trying to shot players over cover

Twitter isn’t proof. People commenting more on it, isn’t proof. Seemingly Seeing 96% more isn’t proof. Could be true, but it’s not solid evidence to consider it being true.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the gib range should be closed in more from what we have previously had in the past. Honestly it needs to happen. But I’m not okay with just saying this or that without it being stated as fact.

Anything from TC on this yet?

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