Gnasher delay is insane

Why is it, that when I slide off of cover or come out of a roadie run, I cannot shoot my gnasher 50% of the time… I press my trigger only for my character to stand there and do nothing and then get bodied. Why is this even a thing in the game? To reduce the skill gap even more?


I noticed that as well. Really hope it gets addressed and fixed soon.

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Loco turning doesn’t exist, its crazily delay it’s infuriating.

We have gone from sick outplays to run, wait, wait. now shoot. So it just makes everyone hard aim 2 shot down, It’s really really awful and lowers the skill gap.

Gow1 - No/Little delay -

GoW2 outplays still -

GoW3 - still manageable vs lancer stopping power

GoW4 - Delays

GoW5 MAD delays

It’s not about the speed, but about the utility that the movement provided. Like I said, there’s things that I can’t do anymore that was in GoW4’s movement as well as previous games. It might be smoother (Feels a little clunky to me), but it took away many of the crucial movement options that I utilized in previous games. Sure, I can still bounce like a maniac, but I can no longer back-A and move to the opposite end of the cover to easily cover both sides if I’m being double-teamed or if I’m trying to confuse my opponent. My character will just take cover a few inches to the side after I back-A and attempt to go to the opposite end. It’s just not right to me.

Outplays just dont happen, I feel like I’m on rails.


You and me both. The amount of times I completely outplay someone only to pop shot and have nothing come out of my gnasher is infuriating. I’ll be honest if Title Update 1 doesn’t fix a lot of these basic issues idk how much longer I’ll last on Gears 5. And I have played every gears game since the first one.


My word of advice is to hold corners, bit walk and shoot, and reduce roadie running. I’ve had to make these adjustments and I’ve done better. Not a fan though.

Geez that GOW3 movement is so nostalgic.

Just another thing they did to nerf Gnasher play. It’s the same in GOW4.

A-strafing, Wallbouncing and actually needing to aim all took a hit

im glad other people are noticing this, too many times i come up on someone and slam the trigger only to stand there like a moron and die while wondering why my shot didnt come out. I thought maybe my controller was ■■■■■■ up until other people complained about the same thing. I hope this is something they change and change fast

I actually have been noticing this and couldn’t put my finger on it till now. The delay is stupid long and I was genuinely perplexed.

This has pretty much been a problem with almost every Gears game on release going back to GOW2. Gets really old having to deal with it every time a new game comes out, but you’re right, it needs to be fixed. Again.

i have probably over 1000 hours on gow 4 and i dont feel any bigger of a delay on 5. I think yall might be smokin some funny ■■■■. Diamond 3 in KOTH rn so ive played quite a bit and i dont feel anything different.

loco turn is huge, movement is so slow in this you cant strafe or run turn

I knew i was not the only one in seeing this delay in the gnasher. It really hinders the smooth movements. Not sure why this became a thing. I hope they are noticing this topic closely. Also I would reach out via twitter as well. Hopefully this gets addressed.

If you have gears 3 play a few matches. The difference is uncomparable.

The delay is absolutely insane I’m glad I’m not the only that noticed this ■■■■■■■■.

I thought i were the only one having this problem but you know how it is I still have the problem of playing with 140 of ping :slight_smile:

It’s not a consistent delay so I think it’s caused by lag compensation to some extent

It’s absolutely insane. Road run strafing almost feels pointless now. You know these devs, though, they’ve had it out for the Gnasher since Gears 2. Anything they can do make it weaker and less efficient, the better!