Gnasher damage is bad now

Before op3 I would be mid range with someone having a battle and first one to land 2 solid shots would get the down as it should be. Now at mid range I land 4 shots and I get killed and it says me 4 shots like 65 percent or some crap. They need to address this non sense. I felt op2 gnasher was fair and had good battles. Now I feel I either get bodied from very far away and die or mid range I can get 4-5 shots in and he still didn’t go down. Idk :neutral_face:


I’m having the same issue, getting all the hit markers but doing seemingly no damage… idk, maybe they added blanks.

They need to revert it to the end of Op 2 and make the lancer 30 rounds again.

Why they breaking what’s fixed. It took a long time to fix that.