Gnasher Damage Change today?

The Gnasher has felt pretty good over the last week with the changes to it’s damage output and whatnot. But as of today it feels like the damage has been increased again which has made 2v2 borderline unplayable unless you enjoy distance shooting instead of movement. I’m not a fan at all of what feels like the reverted tuning but I am hopeful it’s just lag causing issues rather than The Coalition reverting back without telling us.

So why is this happening?

  1. Is it lag?
  2. Did they revert to 600 damage again on accident?
  3. Did they change it from 500 to 550 damage without telling us?

Somethings different and I’m not a fan of it. I’m hoping its lag because if this is the new Gnasher I am going to be a bit peeved.

I realize they haven’t said anything about it but it wouldn’t be the first time TC changed something without mention to see if we noticed it.


I’m grinding 2v2 as well, the Gnasher changes have basically gutted this mode imo lol. With the decreased damage fall off (increased damage at range), everybody just sits back and shotgun snipes until somebody goes down.

I’ve only been grinding it a couple days, so I can’t comment on if it feels different today specifically but I definitely do feel what you’re saying.

I’m not saying I don’t like the changes per se, but for 2v2 Gnasher it’s pretty atrocious. I think voting Boxes might be the way to go since you can force people into getting close, easier than you can in Mid anyways.

I actually liked the changes for 2v2 but today feels like the Gnasher got a buff and it feels more frustrating.

On a side note, I was paired against you twice today and the lobby dissolved both times. I was with my buddy @Drinkands_im and now that I see you’re also from the forums I am disappointed about that. We may have been able to come up with what’s going on based on both of us playing each other.

I like to play aggressive so the changes haven’t been good to me lol. I’m adapting though.

And really? You probably would have destroyed me anyways with the way tonight went lol. Now that I’m 100 points from Masters, the matchmaker is sabotaging me with the teammates it’s giving me. :[

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I’m not too sure about that. It’s been nothing short of a nightmare for my friend(s) and I today. Point blanks doing 0 damage but I’m getting demolished through and around walls.

Also, I’m an extremely aggressive player. I am only Onyx 3 in 2v2 but I’m Masters 56% in KotH, Diamond 3 in Guardian and Diamond 1 in TDM.

You can see here I’m not one to stand down, lol

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Yeah today was pretty bad for me too, so you very well may be onto something here. Hopefully some more people pop in with their experiences.

Maybe I’ll catch you in a match sometime soon. I have yet to run across anybody from the forums yet somehow lol.

Also nice clips, your style is a lot like mine actually. Not too flashy but gets the job done and accurate. :ok_hand:t4:

I have moments where I become bounce heavy if necessary. But I only do it on a need to do basis because it’s not always worth the effort.

You can kinda see here I’m rusty (first match of the day) but I still toyed with him, lol

Input lag, sticky walls , nuclear gnashers, and the worst matchmaking i have seen in a while last night. To end and summarize the night this was my final match. MVP against a team favorite by 12k 0 points.

Last night was atrocious. Something was just… off.

I can’t put my finger on it, but the damage values just seemed so disproportionate. I know what I am about to say is simply ‘classic gears’, but it felt worse than that.

I was getting one shot by absolutely everyone last night. Wrap shots, reactions shots, up-a’s, blind fire, pop-shot, hard-aim, it didn’t matter. If I didn’t shoot first, I was dead. Unfortunately, even when I shot first that didn’t make a lick of difference either, because I would land all twelve pellets consistently, from like 2 feet away and still not gib. Beyond this, when I was actually able to land two point blank shots consecutively (seriously from arms length away) it wouldn’t be a gib, it would be a down… How do you down someone at that range?

I figured I would play the support roll (gnashers only KoTH) and go for poke damage. Despite being 5-7 feet away, full out hard aiming, I wouldn’t land a single pellet… Every on stationary targets! My entire squad was experiencing similar frustrations last night. However, the enemy team never seemed effected. I was getting absolutely manhandled last night.

I swear Gears has some sort of BS system that only allows certain groups of players to enjoy the game at any given time. Like artificial latency is added to players to make it so everyone gets their turn to win a match.


Im glad me and @Krylon_Blue weren’t the only ones. I felt like i had to adjust to a new tuning again. But it didnt seem consistent match to match. It definitely like you said felt off. I was getting downed from way long distances from two shots that shouldnt have done more than 10-20% damage.

100% agree. I was playing until 2am est last night and had similar experiences. Some games I could hip fire and people would explode like fireworks way outside of the new gib distance. Some games I couldn’t even get a shot off b/c I was getting one shot nuked and never even saw muzzle flash or aim towards me. Other games it seemed perfectly normal.

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I have played 5 minutes ago, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Phantom shots, people who killed me even if I was behind them, lag, long waits on matchmaking…
Last week has been wonderful, what the hell is going on?

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I know this isn’t a thread about the matchmaker but look at my last three games lol. They’re giving me actual bronzes (you can tell by total team skill) and I’m somehow expected to win against 2 diamonds? And then when I do win (bottom pic) I get 0 points across the board??? What the ■■■■ is going on @TC_Octus (lol as if you ever come on here anymore)

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be soloing in the first place but come on. The fact they can’t find me a teammate with thumbs is incredible to me.


Yup happened to me too.

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I just uninstalled this mess. It’s a constant inconsistent lag fest. The community is cool but I am pretty much done here. TC may be the only developer I’ve seen that I felt this way about. 6 month and this game is just as bad as its ever been. It’s really sad. Microsoft needs to give the IP to another studio and break TC off into thier other studios as support roles.


It’s so frustrating lol. I’m just gonna move onto KotH I guess because 2v2 is ridiculous right now.

I get the sense TC doesn’t expect/want people soloing anymore since winning is so paramount now. And the only way to guarantee wins is to stack, but stacking isn’t fun to me so it looks like I may have to put Gears down soon unfortunately.

In my perfect world, solo queue would have the old ranking system (80% personal performance, 20% winning) and any kind of stack would have the current system.

Either they changed something or it’s just extremely lag-infested. Regardless, today was the breaking point. Once again, I am “blessed” with a 16-20ms connection against a team of 70-80ms players. I experienced rubberbanding, sticky walls, sponging, shots not going off and everything else under the sun.Add in a Perma-Flash glitch once again and you have every possible issue in one match.

I’m distancing myself away from this game. All of my friends that I played with during the original trilogy already left when Gears 4 was a Mexico-advantage lag fest. I am now following suit and in turn giving up hardcore gaming until Halo Infinite and Forza Motorsport 8. I’ll check out DOOM Eternal but that’s a story driven game so it won’t last too long.


Its horrible dude just did a 2v2 match and my teammate went 0-10 0 points. I went 11-7. Lost 7-3 obviously. But jeez. I shouldnt lose rank because my teammate completely tanked lol. Luckily i dont really care was going to push for Masters this week but no shot since whatever unknown changes they made yesterday.

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absolutely. I think you’re on to something. For the four weeks or so prior to gnasher changes I was quickly ranking up and winning almost every match. Since the update I’ve seriously only win like 3 matches out of 20.

I honestly don’t think I’m losing now just because the gnasher gib range was tightened up. Everything seems off now: the hit detection, the frame rate, the smoothness of movement

Well, they broke the news that the changes went into effect Today but it’s obvious these actually went into effect on Tuesday. Many of us felt the major change in both the damage and range immediately and we were correct. I uninstalled the game and only reinstalled it because one of my best friends wanted to play. After pushing it off for a few hours I installed it but even though I did extremely well, including 38-13 in Guardian with an MVP, it felt miserable. It’s lost every last bit of charm this game had left. Winning a battle no longer feels satisfying because I could do the same thing in CoD with a Shotgun. Movement isn’t even important anymore because they will just shoot you from a distance rather than engaging in the close combat battles the Gnasher and Gears have driven us to enjoy.

It’s becoming quite apparent that the communities vision and their vision are on totally different wave lengths. If their vision is for a CoD style shoot in the open with a NUKE Gnasher rather than using cover properly and moving with finesse that’s on them. But it’s not what I enjoy and it never will be. I guess I’ll leave it installed and play some PvE with my good friends but since those aren’t modes I can enjoy daily it’s safe to say they’ve effectively killed this franchise for me. Do as you wish with Gears 6 because at this point I don’t give a damn anymore. No more hype.