Gnasher combat problems

Ok, I think this might be able to be linked to the last problem I had, but idk, idk how else to describe this except you aim, crosshair and distance of shot is surely going to gib right…?

I apologize for the terrible quality, I’m using the default video editing/slomo and it feels the need to turn it to a minecraft painting

To me it looks like you rolled out of gib range. Not only that but it looks like you missed most your spread.

I know it looks like you should’ve landed every shot because of where you placed your crosshair during his melee attempt but his hurtbox was definitely more toward the left of where you aimed.

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Bro I get stuff like this with people standing still, sometimes it shows like 9 pellets hit for 12%. Never gonna get fixed there is coding and server issues so deep in this games making I doubt it will ever be fixed.

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Yea that’s most likely the case, I’m just still kinda wondering how my spread hit the lower right when I aimed higher, probably shot before finishing aiming? Idk, but yea